Oh, December.

2017 has been a rather interesting year, for all of us, with some pretty drastic shifts. Politically, socially, we’ve been going through it, and I can’t really tell if, on a global scale things are changing for better or worse.

Either way, life twirls on. 

This is the first day of a busy month for me. My oldest daughter will turn eight years old, Jesus has a birthday, I have a pretty solid part in helping pull together a Christmas program for the children at my church, and what is haunting me the most – the only thing haunting me, really – I want to put out a book this month.

That sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it?

Lately, I’ve found myself hounded by distraction, and suffering from a deep lack of discipline. As easy as it is to give in to dysfunction, i’m going into this month with positive energy, and looking forward to pulling myself back on track, every area of my life. I have – as we all do – a ton of different roles in life. Mother, daughter, wife, friend…. writer. I’d really like to see forward momentum in all of those places, so here and now, i’m making that commitment.

I won’t keep complaining when I absolutely have the power to make the changes I’d like to see. Hopefully, you’ll find December to be a month of transformation as well. Less complaining, more doing.


Speaking of doing – I’m working hard at bringing Anonymous Acts to a close. As I mentioned a little earlier, I’d very much like to have a December release, but it’s not at a place yet where I feel comfortable giving a release date. But, hopefully soon! The cover is amazing, and I can’t wait to show it to you!

If I can wrap Anonymous Acts in a reasonable timeframe, I’d like to do a little something for Christmas too. Something short and sweet… but that’s all the details I’m giving for now!

Oh! If you’re looking for something to read this weekend, my good friend Love just had a new release, Love In Rhythm and Blues. Check her out!


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3 years ago

As a grad student going through the motions of finals, I hear ya! And I cannot wait for the next project. But I’d like to hear more Gia from your short story “Christmas with Gia”?!

3 years ago

Yo , I straight up got addicted to your work and I been like needing another book. Like I been reading trash because I can’t get one of your books… Like you know how people on cocaine start doing crack when there is nothing else… That’s what how I felt… Or imagine… I don’t do drugs- you get my point..anyway I know you are human and I would hate if all you did was sit at home writing books to keep me thinking and entertained … I mean I wouldn’t hate it… But it would make me kinda sad… Because someone writing work so great HAS to have a full outside life…. Ok back to why im writing all this. I love that you had a recommendation of what to read , while we wait for your next drop. I’d love to know more about YOUR favorite authors…. Cuz I’m tired of digging in the trash and asking myself… Would CCJ approve this book???

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