Excerpt – Determining Possession

“This place is just… beyond perfect. I can barely even stand it.”

“You said that about the last four places too.”

I bit back a smile as Wil shot a glare in my direction, then immediately went back to fawning over the townhouse apartment. “Hardwood floors, and vaulted ceilings, and big windows, and granite counters, and half the price of living in New York,” she mused, in a dreamy sort of voice as she ran her fingers along one of the custom cabinets in the large kitchen. “And space. Glorious, wonderful, space. I think I’m in love.”

I laughed at her enthusiasm, but it really was a nice spot. She was so happy, so instantly comfortable, that as I watched her move around in it, it already felt like hers.

“What do you think?” she asked, bouncing up to me with this huge smile on her face, eagerly waiting for an answer.

“I think it makes you happy, and I think you deserve that, so… I think you should get it.”

“Good. Cause I already texted the realtor to get started on the paperwork.”

“Then what did you ask me for?”

“Because I care about your opinion! Come look at the bathroom,” she said, then grabbed my hand, tugging me in that direction. I followed, even though she’d already shown me the master bathroom twice, and I knew she was heading right for that big, freestanding garden-style tub.

Sure enough, as soon as we were in there, she climbed in, draping her arms along the side and closing her eyes.

“This is gonna be so gooood,” she moaned, in a sultry voice that sent blood rushing straight to my dick, so fast that I had to turn away from her.

“Damn,” I said from across the room, getting really, really interested in the shower. “They did a really good job on this tile work.”

Didn’t they?!” she gushed. “It’s so good. Hey – I think the unit next door is available too. You should totally move in, since you’ll have to be in Connecticut anyway.”

Maybe,” I corrected. “Maybe I’ll be in Connecticut anyway. And hell no to moving into a spot like this. It’s perfect for you, yes, but not so much for me.”

I turned just in time to see her roll her eyes. “Let me guess – you need something more “manly” right?”

“Your words, not mine.”

“Whatever. Can you believe we’ll be working with the same team? I’ll probably have to interview you. Oooh, and I know all the right shit to ask too. All the tough questions.”

I laughed. “Damn, you’re pre-planning to drag my ass, huh?”

“Make you answer for every mistake on the field since 2009, baby,” she teased. Well, kind of. I knew Wil well enough to understand that if I ever did sit down on the other side of an interview with her, our friendship did not mean she would take it easy.

As she shouldn’t.

My level of confidence in Wil’s ability to kill her new job role was very, very high. She’d made me wait in suspense to tell me all about her conversation with Cole, and how she’d been up all night running numbers and scenarios in her head. I was actually surprised she was so perky today – she’d already contacted Cole to accept the Kings’ sponsorship of her new, not yet named web show, by the time I met her to look at the first apartment this morning. There was no way she’d had much sleep.

“So when is your first show?” I asked, crouching down beside the tub, almost falling backward when her silly ass pretended to scoop nonexistent bubbles from the tub and put them on my nose.

“As soon as I get my shit together,” she told me, still giggling about it. “I have so much to do. I have a rough idea of what I want the format to be, and I’ve already got my lawyer making sure everything is copasetic with WAWG before I start any marketing.”

I frowned. “How are you gonna market when you don’t have a name for it yet?”

“Ah,” she held up a finger. “I do have a name, as of like, two seconds ago. “Wil in the Field.” You get it? Like… real in the field? Get it?”

“Yes, I get it,” I said, standing up straight so I could laugh.

“Why are you laughing so hard?!” she shrieked, standing up and stepping toward me. She must have forgotten she was in the tub though, because she tripped, and would have gone crashing the floor if I hadn’t caught her. Instead of being flustered about the fall, she looked up from her position in my arms to ask, “That’s not too corny, is it?”

I shook my head. “Nah, Champ. It’s perfect for you.”

“Perfect… for me?” she asked as she straightened up.

“Don’t say it like that.” I didn’t like the inflection she was putting on it. “It’s not a bad thing, I’m saying it fits you. It’s cute, and fun.”

A little smile crept onto her face. “You… think I’m cute and fun?”

“Is that news to you?”

For some reason that made her blush. She tugged her top lip between her teeth and looked away, as suddenly interested in the fixture on the sink as I’d been on the shower tile a few moments ago.

I walked up to her from behind, keeping just enough distance not to touch her.

“Hey,” I said, and she looked up, meeting my eyes in the mirror over the sink. “We should go to dinner. Not like our usual… hit up the sushi spot or whatever, but like… a real dinner. Me in a tie, you in heels.”

Her eyes went a little wider, like she was surprised, but she nodded. “Okay. When?”

“After your interview. Whatever day that is, we should celebrate it right. Nice dinner, champagne. How does that sound to you?”

She smiled.

“It sounds like a date.”

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I love it already! <3

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