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He shrugged. “No real reason. Thinking about one more thing your dad told me.”
“Okay… what?” I asked, cocking my head to the side.
Avery pushed away from the door, and stepped towards me, prompting me to take a step back. “He said you were ticklish. Like… really, really ticklish… but only in one very particular spot.” He gave me a wicked grin as he came forward another step, and I lifted a finger in warning as I took one more — the last one I could— back.
“Don’t you dare, Avery. I hated getting tickled, and I’ve outgrown it anyway.” I pressed my back against the door as he closed the last distance between us. I really had outgrown it, but I didn’t want him trying it anyway… just in case.
“Then why,” he said, placing his hands at the exact spot on my waist, “Are you so scared?”
“I’m not.” It came out in an unintended whisper, because I couldn’t pull in a deep enough breath to speak aloud. He was so close, and it was as if my body recognized him, and was trying to tell me, this is the guy who made us feel so damned good.
“Mmhmm. Relax. I’m not about to tickle you after you said you hated it.” He didn’t move his hands away from my waist, instead pulling my lower body closer to his. “Besides,” he said, with his mouth so close to my ear I felt the brush of his lips. “Don’t you think I’d know if you were ticklish? I’ve already touched you everywhere, Tori. Remember?”

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7 years ago

I just have to let you know how much I enjoyed “Finding Forever”, where do I begin. It was such a great love story and so funny (I literally had to read out loud the part where Tori goes speed dating to my husband who wanted to know why I was cracking up so … “pet gynecologist” I’m still cracking up at the thought). Your a good writer. Books are suppose to give us a break from the norm and kind of take us to another place and be glad we came. You did that for me. Your new fan.

Tameka Hudson
Tameka Hudson
7 years ago

Finding Forever was a joy to read! I read it in two days because I really wanted to know if Tori and Avery were going to be together! Thank you for that! I would really love to read a sequel or a series of books about Des and Drew or Tori and Avery married with kids, or Mel and Nick???? Just a thought… Keep up the good work! Finding Forever was so easy to relate to…I’m buying another one of your books as soon as I finish writing this comment! 🙂

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