Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send you my manuscript for feedback?

No. I do not offer any type of feedback services because I do not have the time or desire to embark on such an endeavor at this place in my life. Not even if you really, really, want me to.

Can you coach/mentor me on my publishing journey?

On a personal level, no, I cannot. I believe a relationship of that nature, in order to be effective, has to happen organically. I’m very open with the great majority of knowledge and experience I have in this industry, most of which i’ve shared via my YouTube channel. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for there, feel free to drop a question!

Can we collaborate on a book/series?

It’s giving stranger danger sis, LOL.

Do Chloe and Reggie have a story?

No, and I have no plans to write one.

Where is the followup to Love and Other Things?

It never came to fruition, and I do not have any plans to revisit – other couples, with fresh stories, have taken precedence.

Can you write another book for my favorite couple?

Sorry, my brain doesn’t work like that! I leave all my couples in a place where they’re happily together, and I’m always satisfied with the story I’ve told. When I type the end, it’s the end for me.

Will there be more Connecticut Kings books?

Yes! Love and I plan to do at least one more round!

Can I purchase signed paperbacks?

Only at certain times of the year. When I have them, I’ll make announcements on my site and in my newsletter to put the word out.

I missed the specialty box you did – can you let me know personally when they’re restocked?

I cannot. Not only do I not repeat the boxes, the list of people who want me to let them know about these things is too large for that to be a feasible task. Your best bet is to sign up to my mailing list!

Will you write a cookbook?

When the ancestors start giving me direct measurements, sure!

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Marilyn Ruffin
Marilyn Ruffin
7 months ago

My club, Ethnic Fusion Book Club, is scheduled to discuss Strictly Professional in June. It would be appreciative if you would send us discussion questions. If you can, our email address is

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