From Chasing Commitment – Consent Is Sexy

CCconsentissexyHe nodded. “To be way more candid than I probably should, I had you up on a pedestal before I asked you out. Real-life Nadia is way better than the one on the pedestal.”
Damn. I wonder if Brandon could hear the sound of most of the locks keeping my panties on my butt falling to the floor, useless. It was on the tip of my tongue to say “thank you, goodnight” and flee inside of my apartment while I still had some defenses when his fingers cupped my chin, lifting my face so I could look him in the eyes.
“Would I be off base if I kissed you right now?”
Was he… asking permission before he put his mouth on me? I nearly whimpered as the rest of those poor, brittle locks on my panties just dissolved into thin air as I shook my head, inviting him to lower his lips to mine.


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7 years ago

I love the title of this post. I also appreciate your willingness to put yourself out there and share with us the gift you have for storytelling and writing. Please don’t stop!

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