So we got a whole inch of snow this past weekend. A WHOLE INCH. So of course the kids wanted to go out and play in it.

Zoe is silly:

I’m getting mostly positive reviews on my books, and that makes me SO happy!  Big thank you to all of you who share my posts, retweet my links, tell your friends about, and of course, purchase my books. I appreciate it SO much!

In related news, Love and Other Things is free right now on Amazon.  It’s not on purpose, and it’s a whole long story that I’on even wanna talk about, lol. Anyway, the link is here if you want to check it out!

In other related news, I removed BOTH books from sale in the UK, because they were weird.  In addition to one star reviews because I wasn’t the author people thought I was, I was accused of trying to profit off of her name, which is…. my name.  And, also? An extremely common freaking name. Christina. Jones.  Like…. ok.  I could maybe get it if…. let’s say my LEGAL NAME was Maya Angelou. THEN, I could understand that type of accusation. But… Christina Jones.  It’s just my name.

In unrelated news, Zoe is getting a third tooth at the bottom, for a grand total of five.  I feel like Izzy had more than five teeth at 16 months old, but oh well.

In other unrelated news… I have a fitness assessment coming up at the university’s fitness center. I get a full session with a (senior student) personal trainer, as well as a customized diet and fitness plan.  I scheduled it for Valentine’s Day because I’m a genius.

In related news, I think I’m too lazy and like awful foods to much to ever seriously lose weight.

In unrelated news, we decided NOT to do either the vacation OR kitchen remodel, in lieu of finally putting a significant dent in these students loans we’ve been talking about paying off for I don’t know, FOREVER.  Fun, right?  I say that, but the prospect of being completely out of debt REALLY REALLY soon is awesome.  Plus, I was promised a much grander vacation for next year (maybe another cruise, Eastern Caribbean this time), so I’m good. But I’ll definitely be ready for it by then!

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7 years ago

Loved the news segment sis. You sound busy. Your cooking is soooo good to put yourself on a diet. Bro will love you either way. 🙂 my neices are gorg, im kinda ready to see them. I gotta get sasha in the snow too. 🙂

7 years ago

I wish i was as responsible as you guys and tried to get all the way out of debt vs a vacation. I am just not there yet. 🙂
I am on a diet/lifestyle change for the fifty-elleventh time( yes that’s a word!!). But i was on twitter last night with Olivia talking about getting a snickers at 11 pm. Sigh. #fatthighsforever

7 years ago


I would love to slim my pooch but I’m not motivated to do it so I won’t even pretend lol. At least I haven’t gained any of the weight I lost back so that’s good.

It really is a blessing not to have debt. I don’t want it. . . eva!

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

I’m looking forward to debt freedom myself. We’re trying to take a vacation too but rather than take the vacation the Mr wants to take, I’m all for putting some of that money to pay off our debt and just hit up some place affordable close to us.

The girls are too cute. We got quite a few inches of snow and a little ice. I thought it would all be completely melted by today but the yard across from us still has a good little bit of snow in.

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