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You know what’s been fun?

These holiday shorts.

I know, I know, you’ve heard (seen) me say it before, but seriously – I really like them! I’ve seen the feedback from you guys – you like them too, but wish they were longer. And while I hear (see) you, one of my biggest focuses as I go into 2020 is holding strong to the requirement that my art makes me happy – for me, happiness is writing what see for the characters, and giving them what they gave me – never forcing more. Holding firm to that, for me, maintains the integrity of my work, and it’s something i’ll never, ever compromise.

Of course I’m not saying you have to like it – your feelings are yours, unshakeably.

But my art, is mine, and whatever I offer for public consumption… is what it is.

In any case – back to the holidays in the Heights!

I introduced somewhat new characters for Frosted.Whipped.Buttered (The bakery had already been introduced, but the owners hadn’t yet been named). Riley and Hendrix were completely new though, and really fun – an idea borne from a tweet by the lovely Mina (she’s on youtube, and awesome – Mina Reads).

So that was Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Now, on to Christmas!

We’re meeting familiar faces this time… remember Royal and Anika, introduced in Love Notes?

If you haven’t noticed yet, each Equilibrium book thus far has something of a mirror in a couple from the Serendipitous Love series. In “Love Notes“, we saw how integral Carter and Viv (Didn’t Mean To Love You) were to Troy’s life. In “In Tandem“, we saw Sean and Fallon (The Way Love Goes) play small roles from Brittany and Rafael.

The shorts have been more self-contained.

In “BitterSweet”, we’ll see the couple that started it all, Roman and Simone (A Crazy Little Thing Called Love). Royal is – as you know if you’ve read Love Notes – a Taylor. Roman’s cousin. And Anika is Urban Grind’s most favorite manager, very serious about her job.

Set against the backdrop of Christmas season, we’ll get to see how, exactly, Royal and Anika come to a place that’s a bit less… contentious.

Should be fun!

I have no date – it’ll be released when I finish writing it, sometime before Christmas, and like the other Holidays in the Heights projects, it most likely won’t be novel-length.  I’ll definitely have an update when it’s available! In the meantime, I did a bit of pinning for the project, so if you want to see some of my inspo, you can click here!

Also I remembered that I wrote a little (very little) way back when, for Roman and Simone – a little ramble about how they might spend one Christmas. In it, they’ve been married about five years, which in book time would be roughly… next year? Maybe the year after.

Here’s the link if you want to read it!

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1 year ago

Do what’s best for you and your characters. I’m reading it regardless!!

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