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That’s me.  THAT’S ME.  How weird is that?

Just four months ago, I never would have thought that I would be a published author.  Not only that, people actually like the book.  Surreal, is what it is.

I am working, impatiently, through my second novel, Strictly Professional.  Only 7 chapters in, but already at 104 pages, and 28k words.  And would you believe that I’m already thinking about the sequel?  Itching to write a scene for it?  and thinking about the plot for the spin off?  So that’s 2 other novels right there, plus the idea that was supposed to come before this one.  Oh, and possible full lengths for the characters from Love and Other Things.  I’m crazy.  Completely, completely crazy.

But it’s awesome!

Love and Other Things has sold close to 150 copies, and got almost 2500 downloads in the 2 day period where I had the free promotion.  How exciting is that?  After Amazon takes their big ass royalty, I will have made a little over $40 on my book!  I would seriously give it away free, just to know that people are reading something that I wrote. THAT *I* wrote! Craziness!

I just want to give a big, big thank you to all of you who purchased the book.  It means SO much that you’re not only supporting me, but the indie-author community in general!  There are some really, really fabulous authors out there, that may not be big names yet, but boy can those suckers write!  One day (very soon) I’m going to compile a list, so you guys can see some of these authors.  They’re better than most of the traditionally published work I’ve read lately.  Yes, it’s that real!

I’m also going to start posting book reviews for the ones I really enjoy, so be on the look out for that!

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7 years ago

yAY! This is so exciting for you!! Can’t wait to read your second novel!

Miss Mocha
7 years ago

What a fantastic feeling!!! I plan to grab your 1st book, as I haven’t read it yet. If you reached out to me with questions, I apologize. I can’t get into my email acct right now for some odd reason. Anyway, feel free to shoot your questions to I promise to answer them, and help you in any way I can. *Smile* When I was starting out, established authors were so kind and helpful to me, I truly believe in paying it forward!

Dahlia Savage
7 years ago

Congratulations on your success! I love that you said that you’re “impatiently” working through novel #2…I’m the same way, especially with all the ideas I come up with while I’m writing. You’re not crazy for the spin-offs and sequels and prequels…I think we all do it. At least for me, the key is to not lose focus on the current project, though I will have to take some time to brain dump by writing a scene or a rough outline from the new idea in order to get back on task.
And the feeling that people are reading what you wrote is surreal…so true.

7 years ago

I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to finding out what has happened to the characters. Glad you are able to write & follow thru on your passion.

Looking forward to list because my kindle needs new books lol

Mrs. Delightful
7 years ago


Tonya Rapley
7 years ago

I didn’t even know you were an author too! Such a talented woman 🙂 congrats lovie!

Oh lol and FYI. I like this layout 😉

7 years ago

Go girl!!! I hope to be there one day! So proud of you, mama!

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