Looking Forward

November was quite a busy month! Now that December has arrived, I am greatly looking forward to the things this month will bring.

•The end of this semester. I’ve said it before, but I’m kinda over school. Just for right now though, lol. I’m anticipating all A’s, or at least mostly A’s, so it has nothing to do with performance. I’m just feeling a bit burnt out.

•My niece’s birthday party. She’s turning one, and the kids always enjoy a party.

•Possibly hitting 50 sales of my book, Love and Other Things. I’m starting the month with 41, so I hope that’s a reasonable goal. If you’re interested, you can find it here on Amazon: Love and Other Things

•Maybe getting halfway through my next project. I’m very excited about it, and as I think through it more, I’m excited with how it’s developing into more than “just” a romance.

•Izzys 4th birthday. She’s so excited about it, how can I not be? We’re gonna pull this lalaloopsy party together.

•Decorating for Christmas. I’ve done just a teeny bit, making my wreath, but that’s all.

I’m looking forward to decorating my mantle, and putting up the tree, probably this weekend. Maybe we’ll even get our lights up on the house this year.

•Christmas, because why wouldn’t I be looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus?

What are you looking forward to in December?

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8 years ago

I’m looking forward to decorating the mantle, seeing Pookah’s face on Christmas morning and that’s about it…

8 years ago

I’m not looking forward to a damn thing! lol

No really, I always enjoy christmas morning with my family but aside from that, we can get into 2014 now.

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

With Moo’s birthday having come & gone, I am looking forward to my birthday and Christmas. I am also looking forward to finishing up my book. Both laptops are out of commission and I am writing it by hand and trying to type a little bit in Google Drive from my Kindle each night. It’s long process, but I am determined to get this done.

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