From Kim Golden: Maybe Baby…

Imagine finding out you could never have a baby with the man you love…

Expat American Laney Halliwell finds out the hard way when Niklas tells her he had a vasectomy before they met and isn’t interested in reversing it. Why should he? They’ve got his kids from his first marriage and an enviable life in Stockholm.

What if you fell in love in the most unexpected way…?

But Laney wants more. So when a friend suggests she look into an alternative sperm bank in Copenhagen to find a potential father for her baby, things don’t go exactly as planned. Especially when Laney meets Mads and finds herself falling in love.

Maybe Babyis available in paperback, mobi and epub formats.

(Christina’s note: I read Maybe Baby, before I agreed to help out with the blog tour! Here’s my review, from GoodReads!)

Maybe BabyMaybe Baby by Kim Golden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really, really enjoyed Maybe Baby! From the beginning, the author really makes you feel for/connect to Laney. So, moving forward from that point, there is a series of events that makes you quite stabby on Laney’s behalf. And then, we…uh, I mean SHE meets Mads, and even though everything is confusing and wrong, somehow it just feels right.
Of course, our heroine is not perfect by any means. There are several spots where I wanted to kick her in the ankles, but what fun would it have been if her decisions were always right?
Kim Golden has a really beautiful writing style where sometimes it didn’t even feel like I was reading, I was just THERE. Oh, and I can’t not mention the way she weaved the fact that this all happens in a foreign(to me) country into the story. You don’t miss the fact that you’re in a new place, but it didn’t feel strange. I felt quite at home with Laney and Mads and…*insert eyeroll* Niklas.

Definitely a recommended read!

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Maybe Baby

Kim Golden


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“Copenhagen Cryo.”

“What?” Long lines of sweat trailed down my face and neck.

“The clinic Uma uses for super sperm.” Eddy was still jogging in place, waiting for me to catch my breath.

“I wish you wouldn’t call it that.” I gasped and used my already damp sleeve to wipe my face.

Eddy bumped my sweaty shoulder with hers and grinned. “You have to admit—it must be pretty good sperm if she’s gone back so many times.”

“Yeah, well you’ve got a point there.”

“Proof is in the pudding.” She loosened her armband and slid her iPhone from the sleeve. She tapped the screen a few times and then handed her phone to me. “Check him out.”

 The face staring back at me was ruggedly handsome, with the square jaw and cheekbones of a young Viggo Mortensen. His lips were full and generous, curled into a knowing smile. He was looking directly into the camera, and there was something almost too candid in his pale blue eyes, like he knew what you were thinking and was game for whatever you suggested.

“Wow,” was the only word I could breathe out. I swallowed hard and quickly handed Eddy’s phone back to her.

“Wow, indeed,” Eddy said and laughed lightly. “Uma says he’s worth every penny she pays. Well, you’ve seen her kids. They’re gorgeous.”

“And she found him in Copenhagen?”

Eddy nodded. “He’s one of the donors at Copenhagen Cryo.”

I shook my head in wonder. No wonder Uma kept going back for more. Sure there was nothing sexual going on between them, but there must have been some spark that made her decide he was the right donor for her.

About the Author

I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and spent most of my summers in Smithfield, Virginia.

I first realized I wanted to be a writer while attending the George Washington Carver Highschool for Engineering & Science–yes, there was a time when I wanted to be an architect, at least I thought I did. Then one day I just couldn’t take the boredom of another chemistry class and decided to write a novel. It was passed around to all of my classmates, who loved it. I did this a few more times and realized I had absolutely zero talent for math, science or architecture. I was much better at writing so I focused on that when I went to university.

In 1995, I chucked living in the US for the good life in Sweden with my Swedish husband.

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Felicia Reevers
Felicia Reevers
7 years ago

I have really got to stop reading blogs – you all pick the most interesting books to spotlight…and then I’m on another buying spree! LOL! Loved the synopsis, and the premise of the story sounds fresh and original. Looking forward to checking it out. Thanks!

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