Meet Nick – Relationship Goals

Nick –

likes: Noah
dislikes: disappointing Noah.

Nick Davison stepping off the elevator in my building with a bouquet of dahlias in hand, dressed in fresh sneakers and nicely fit jeans and a deep blue sweater that was just delicious against his dark skin absolutely did look like a gift from God.
“Just the woman I was looking for,” he said, and shit, did that whimper come from Arizona or me?
Arizona dug a sharp elbow into my side and I straightened up, clearing my throat. “Nick, hello. Um… what are you doing here?”
The smile he offered as he stepped forward was potent enough that I felt it in my chest. “Well,” he said, extending the flowers in my direction. “I was hoping I could take you to lunch. Wherever you want to go, but I passed this little spot about a block away called Honeybee. Looked interesting… if you’re interested.”
“Oh, she’s definitely interested,” Arizona answered for me, before I could speak. “And Honeybee is her favorite spot in the city, so your batting average is just insane right now.”
“You live in LA,” I blurted, planting my feet to fight against Arizona’s effort to push me forward, towards him. “How are you… here?”
His grin widened. “Surely you’re familiar with the airport, Noah.”


Release date TBA!

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4 years ago

Can’t wait, I love the names

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