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So, I’ve mentioned before that my upcoming release, Behind The Scenes, has a lot of cameos/mentions from other characters in my catalog. I always get questions about this with every project, so I thought I’d save you the trouble and just make this quick reference for you!

Characters Mentioned

Nick and Noah – Relationship Goals

Trei Norwood and Zorayah Whitfield – King Of Hearts (Third story in collection)

Nubia Perry-Foster, Stephen Foster – Inevitable Seductions

Rowan, Laurel, Des Byers, Jeff Perry – A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

Nashira Drake – Mine Tonight (First story in collection)

Will Copeland & Cameron Taylor – The Trouble With Love

Coral – His Side, Her Side, The Truth (Tertiary/minor character)


Most of these are available in Kindle Unlimited. Inevitable Seductions and The Truth are both available in audio format. None of these have to be read to enjoy the book – Behind The Scenes is a true standalone. The most “important” of these, if you’re wanting to read them all, would be Inevitable Seductions a Mutually Beneficial Arrangement – these give the most context for the secondary characters mentioned here, but do not mention the main characters for this book, Pierre or Logan.

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11 months ago

Hi Mrs Jones . I’d like to make a request please write the story of elodie.

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