New Release: Release Me If You Can

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Secrets always have a way of coming to light. 
Special Agent Renata Parker learns this the hard way, when the secret she’s held close for many years is finally revealed, exposing her as traitor to the team of thieves, spies, hackers, and federal agents who thought they shared a common goal — take down Damien Wolfe. Her dedication to their cause doesn’t quite stand up to scrutiny — especially for Quentin, a fellow hacker who was drawn to Renata’s quiet energy before her true identity was exposed. 
With her loyalty in question, Renata finds herself in a position where she’s forced to rely on help from the very people she may have unwittingly betrayed. 
Quentin wants to trust Renata, but repairing their friendship — and possibly taking it further — requires the healing of past wounds, answering unresolved questions, and revealing unknown connections that bring new light to Damien Wolfe’s misdeeds. 
While Quentin and Renata search for common ground, Marcus and Naomi navigate unexpected circumstances in their budding relationship, and Inez tries to resist Kendall’s magnetic, dangerous appeal. 
Romance, danger, a little hacking, and a bit of espionage ensue as the team struggles to be released from the traumas of their past. 

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