It has been a really busy month.

My 2nd grader sang in the choir at a local festival-

My Preschooler graduated –

I released a book –

I went to Hawaii with my hubby and kids –

And if I can just find the time, I’ll wrap up Rowan and Reid’s novella, and put it up on Amazon as one file to purchase – so, be aware – once I put up this last chapter – and yes, it’s just one more chapter, and then I’m done with them – I need to move on – it will only be up for a few days before it ALL comes down, and will only be available for purchase or KU. All together, their story will be around the 40k mark – a nice sturdy number for a novella that was never supposed to be anyway 🙂

If you enjoyed Deuces Wild, please consider leaving a review! Amazon has been doing some weird stuff lately, I know, but just consider it! Want to talk about the book? The official discussion is tomorrow (Tuesday) evening in the facebook discussion group – Friends And Readers at 7pm central time. Can’t make it? That’s fine! The questions will remain up for a few days, so you can still see them!

Are you coming to Indie Love LA next month? PreOrder your books to make sure I have what you’re looking for!

Wondering about what’s next from me?

Wellllll, I try not to make promises, but here goes:

The VERY next thing I publish will be Mutually Beneficial – but you’ve probably already read that, so you don’t care lol. Well, in the next few days, I plan to start working on another project from the “More Than A Hashtag” series (Nick and Noah’s universe, from Relationship Goals), and then after that, i’ll be diving into the world of football (for maybe the last time, since the NFL is quite firmly on my bad side right now, and I’m not interested in even the appearance of supporting their mess, but I already told y’all  I would write this book and I like to keep my word) for another summer installment of the Connecticut Kings!

Beyonce that… i’on know!

But we’ll get to that when we get to it.




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3 years ago

I am excited for all there is to come. Thank you for the update, Christina!

3 years ago

Super excited about the upcoming books!!! Do you think we will get an update from Gia and Manny 🙂

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