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6 years ago

Hello Lady 😉

I came across you on Amazon through recommended. I clicked on a book read the synopsis and was interested 1-clicked. Very happy I did b/c after reading I did a search of your name to see if you had more out. I was 4 books behind. I bought everyone and now I can say I have all your books. That introduction is me introducing myself as a fan. I would like to tell you now why you have my respect. I like know sometimes you come on here and give us updates. The most I remember you saying is the season of when a book will be coming out. You really don’t give a month or a date. What I respect abt you is; you give abt 2 or 3 excerpts then BAM I get an email week or so later with the official release. For me when I come on here and I see an excerpt I’m like “aww snap; she about to come out w/another one soon.” My girlfriend and I were talking abt how some independent authors give a release date or a release month and they miss it. Three sides to every story. Shit happens we all know this, but when it becomes a trend it’s like. I’m going to fall back; if I see you in my Amazon recommended who knows. I respect how u don’t give a date or month. You just send an email out like; here you go(not before a few excerpts of course). For me that’s respect. You have it.

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