It’s been a while 😉

Zoe is fast approaching 2.5, so we’ve decided it’s time to get very serious about potty training. We’ve been taping her into her diapers at night to keep her from taking it off and using the floor in her room as a bathroom. We think she’s showing some good signs of readiness this time around.

Also, we’re cruising again, on the Carnival Breeze, at the end of April, 8 day, eastern Caribbean. DON’T NOBODY WANNA DEDICATE A SUITCASE TO DIAPERS. So, yeah Zoe bug, we need some cooperation. Our last cruise was… a struggle. We had a good time, but Zoe just wasn’t old enough to really enjoy, or go to the onboard kid’s camp to give mommy and daddy some time to relax. This time, both girls will be old enough for camp carnival, so we’ll take advantage of that, and also make sure we plan our onboard activity better. We missed out on a lot of fun stuff last time, and I don’t want that to happen again.

We’re gonna do priceline for our hotel in Miami. Hope that’s not a mistake :/

I need to comb my hair y’all. I’ve been relying on wigs for the last few weeks, but I think it’s time to make a decision. I recently big chopped again, and I’m giving serious thought to starting locs again. I just really wanna be low maintenance.

I can’t braid like I used to! I think tendinitis has taken a toll on my hands to the point of losing some of my fine motor skills. I think constant typing is my only real saving grace on that front.

I went to a gun range, and actually shot one! Twas interesting…and fun!


I’ve gotten the privilege to pre-read projects by some of my peers in self-publishing, and I am consistently blown away by the talent I’m surrounded by. Can’t wait for these books to come out so I can give official info!

Speaking of coming out, I had have a little project I wanted to release on Friday (my birthday) but I’m not sure it’s gonna happen, and I’m sad about it. I got sick, and I’ve just been knocked on my butt when I would have liked to be writing. Ah well. Not the end of the world, but I really would have loved that significant day.

Byron thinks I’m playing, but I want a boob lift. I want my boobs to look like I’ve never even thought about nursing a baby. Nice and perky. He’s gonna have to left me flourish eventually.

I’ve lost 17lbs since December, and I’m really happy! It probably could have been more, but I’ve been slacking. I’d love to lose another 15 before cruise time, so despite feeling cruddy, I’ve been getting my workout on, and eating like I have good sense… mostly.

What’s going on with you?

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6 years ago

I’ve missed your randsomness Chrissy! lol

6 years ago
Reply to  christina

As you should

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

Hope you are feeling better! I definitely think that Zoe will be potty trained in time for the cruise since she’s already showing signs of being ready. Can’t wait to hear more about this “little project” that you have in the works.

Rondra Aaron
6 years ago

I’ve been relying on wigs the last 6 months. I am so over my natural hair, well I’ve been over it since 2012. I wanted sister locks, but I’m too cheap for that. I may try a tapered fro. Oh and congrats on the weight loss!

6 years ago

You lost 17 pounds!!! I’m so proud of you!! One day, we’ll get on a cruise with Pookah.One day. Good luck on the potty training! And you can dooooo it with the locs! Once you get past the first stage, they are so easy to maintain!

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