Randoms – It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

So remember when I posted last month about my little (big) health scare?  Well, after several trips to the cardiologist, wearing an event monitor, getting an ultrasound done on my heart, etc, etc…. nothing.  It’s apparently not my heart at all, but they can’t tell me what it IS, and those same episodes are still happening, with no real rhyme or reason.  So, back to the GP I shall go, and he can send me to whatever expensive specialist is next, I guess.

Zoe has three new teeth…all on the left side of her mouth. It feels like a thing.  I’m sure it’s not a thing, but it FEELS like a thing.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to move forward with loc-ing my hair. Lord, please don’t let me get bored with it, because you guys know I will cut it all off in a hot second.  Any tips from you lovely ladies with locs? (I didn’t use all of those l’s on purpose, I promise.)

I’ve gotta start exercising a little patience in my publishing efforts.  Two hours after my last book went live, I thought of about ten scenes I should have included.  If I had just waited a week, that wouldn’t have happened.  I would have thought of those scenes, added them, and taken some stuff away.  As it stands though, I’m very happy with the book, so it’s all beside the point.

I’ll do a post expanding more on my reasoning later, but I won’t be returning to school next semester.  The short answer is that it’s stressful as hell, and not nearly as important to me anymore. So, bye.

I finally, FINALLY got a new phone, and contrary to popular belief that everybody wants an iphone… I didn’t want an iphone.  Because Samsung makes a better product. Sorry guys. #allfacts.  Thanks to a super helpful rep at AT&T, I was able to get a gorgeous white Samsung Galaxy S4 in my hot little hands, and I am in love! Specifically with the multi-tasking feature.  I can watch a video on youtube and surf the web, tweet-watch, whatever #atthesamedamntime. It’s awesome.  And the battery life? *cue angels*

We planted another round of seedlings for our Spring garden after disaster (strong winds) struck while we had our first set outside hardening off.  They’re doing great so far, and I can’t wait to get them into my actual garden!

Target was having a sale on their Circo brand children’s clothing, which I LOVE.  I put together a whole HEAP of stuff in my online cart, for a total that was a little over $100.  I didn’t check out that night, because it was late, and I don’t do late night online purchases.  Well, when I went to it the next day, my cart was like… $140. The sale ended 🙁 So I canceled it all and went and bought their stuff in-store, and got much less for my same $100. Moral of the story? CHECK OUT THE CART!

I messed up my skin picking at my face 🙁 I’m been using ambi to try to reduce the dark marks left my scarring, and it seems to be working, albeit slowly.  Any other tips for reducing dark marks? And pores?  And blackheads?  Hell, on just starting over with new skin? Geez.

Anyway, what’s been up with you?

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7 years ago

I’ve had to let my first round of seedlings go. I don’t think I gave them enough light in the beginning so they were all tall and lanky and leaning. I planted a second batch on 3/19 and they look good.

Going to plant a new bunch next week so I can kind of have a second harvest. I’m still a little afraid to harden them off. I have put the strawberries outside and they seem to be doing well.

As for school..I guess. I always think a degree is a good thing to fall back on but I saw your reasoning and I get it! Now I have a new site I need built so I suppose Visual Luxe is back open for business?!!

7 years ago

Now about locs…remember, it’s a process. I know it sounds all cliched and everything, but really, I was bored with my short litte stubby newbie locs about a month after I started them. then they started to grow. and loc and it’s just so freeing! but if you really get bored…assesorize. Nothing like a nice scarf and a few pretty clips to livin it up.
I totally get what you were saying about school. remember when I was all ready to go to Midwifery school? yeah, I thought that through and just KNEW it would be too much for me at that time. And I was right. there is no way I could have handled that and had a marriage and a healthy child. SO.
I’m using ambien too. Cause I just can’t keep my hands away from my face it seems. Sigh. I’m trying to do better. If only my skin would calm down and act like I’m an adult instead of 18.

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

Loving the new look over here on the blog! I’m going through my own breakout crisis but that’s because I’ve been ODing on tea. I’m back on my water wagon. We’re going to try starting some plants in the house. I want to do a few herbs since I like to make my sauces from scratch and dry rubs.

It could be stress causing those episodes, but I guess you’ll find out next semester. Having a degree is all good, but if it’s putting your health risk, I’d fall back on that too for a while.

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