Randoms on a Saturday.


It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these! Let’s get right into it!

Byron and I are in our house ALONE right now. Alone. Yep!
Izzy and Zoe are spending a long weekend with their grandparents, giving Byron and I a little room to breathe. I’m enjoying it (and I know the kids and grands are too) , but…. I miss my baaaaabbbbbiiiieeesss!! Okay, that’s over. I just thought about being able to sleep in tomorrow morning, and yesss! We also went on a date Friday night, which is a real rarity around here. We saw The Equalizer (it was awesome) and had dinner.

If your feminism isn’t sex-positive…. What? I don’t understand. (Don’t tell me about it though.)

I love and hate that all the new shows have started. On one hand, yay, stuff to watch. On the other hand, I’ve gotten pretty used to NOT watching much TV. I have more productive uses of my time, and I enjoy being productive. But I also enjoy TV. So… You see my conundrum?

It’s been a week since the release of “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, and I’m soooooo grateful for the positive reception that it has gotten! I put a lot of energy into Roman and Simone’s story, and it makes my heart really full to see that people are enjoying it. I’m working on Vivienne and Carter’s story now, and it’s a lot different from Roman and Simone, but I’m hoping that it’s still enjoyable!

I’m getting a new laptop! I’m super excited! The one I’m using now is almost six years old, so it’s definitely time. I’m looking very hard at a Dell.

My kids are gonna be two and five, within the next three months. Where did the time go?!

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Carolyn Jackson
Carolyn Jackson
7 years ago

Hey Mrs. Jones. I saw Equalizer opening night too, I agree it was Denzel delicious and suspenful etc etc. Loved it. Not sure about the new Shondra Show about murder. I am happy Olivia put the white hat on again. Poor Jake.. Your books are amazing. Keep making your fan base proud.

7 years ago

You got the whole weekend to yourselves??? WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THESE INTERNETS!!!!???

K. Elizabeth (YUMMommy)

I’ve gotten used to not watching TV too. I’ve seen one episode of Black-ish and 15 minutes of How To Get Away With Murder and that’s it. I see everybody talking about all these other shows and I’m like yea, I haven’t seen that.

Glad you guys got to have some kids-free time!

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