Reflections, as a Procrastination Tool

I’m supposed to be writing right now.

The project i’m working on, The Truth, was supposed to be finished by the end of August. Published first week of September.

It won’t be.


So instead of making up time, I’m reflecting.  November of this year will mark my third year in this world of self-publishing. I’ve seen a lot. Learned a lot. Been disappointed, a lot. I keep thinking about what my next step is. Twenty-something books in, i’m starting to wonder if that’s just… enough.

Not that I’m at any loss for characters, or ideas. There are at least ten partially documents on my computer right now, that i’ve started and put down for a later time, and i’m constantly meeting new people in my head.

I wonder if, for me, it’s just time for something different?

love contemporary romance. Reading it, and writing it. I’m currently swept up in the project i’m on now, and i’m excited to finish the Wright Brothers project, but beyond that, when I think about starting another contemporary romance, i’m just like…..”or nah?”

My mind takes me to a lot of places. Introduces me to a lot of characters. I haven’t released anything this year except contemporary romance, even though those certainly aren’t the only stories in my head.

Romantic suspense.





I have stories just waiting to be told in all of these categories, and yet… I’ve put them aside.


I honestly don’t know.

But maybe that’s why I’m looking at Contemporary like “Gworl, BYE!”

I don’t know what’s actually going to happen after I finish the Wright Brothers, later this fall. No clue where my brain is going to want to go. What I do know is that I want to keep developing my voice in different genres. I want to keep learning, and growing, so that eventually, i’m in a place where I can help others learn and grow.

I love writing about black people. In all our shades, and quirks, and varieties, and all of that. I love writing about black people falling in love with other black people, and you know… that’s what I’ll always write about. I’m always trying to grow, and find balance and nuance for the black men and women who come to me, and in that… I can’t limit the kind of story i’m telling.

So I have to branch out.

have to get over the nagging fear that hounds me sometimes, of “people don’t want to read that”. Because I mean…. maybe everybody doesn’t, but if I can provide a few hours of joy for the people who do… well, that’s kind of my goal, right?

Per usual, i’m just rambling here. I lost the point a few paragraphs ago, lol, so I should probably wrap this up, and… go write this book.

This isn’t some farewell letter to contemporary romance by any means, or even a statement of intent, honestly. I’ll always write the characters who speak loudest, so this is just me… reflecting. Thinking.

Thinking that in the next year of this publishing journey for me… I might have to poke a few of the people in my head in their sides, wake them up from their Christina-Won’t-Quit-Playing-and-Write-My-Genre induced sleep… and hold a megaphone up to their mouths to get them to speak up a little louder.

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Carolyn Jackson
Carolyn Jackson
5 years ago

Christina, you know I will support you in your journey. I read in many genres and would love to see you spread your wings and let those voices out… I’m here whenever you need a reader to test the products of your creative mind.

Wendy Burkes
Wendy Burkes
5 years ago

Well, keeps the hits coming. I’m waiting for another book like asap. Thank You.

5 years ago

Yes!!! Write whatever comes, you know I loved that snippet of romantic suspense that you shared. I read way more than Contemporary romance and if it’s coming from one of my favorite authors then I will snatch that up as well.

5 years ago

I’ve just learned of you almost a year ago, and I have been 1 clicking like crazy to collect all of your books. Your writing is of a seasoned vet! Keep doing what you do, it so appreciated!

A New Fan

Felicia Denise
5 years ago

I don’t know of many 1-genre readers, so why should authors park in one? Your talent is in writing, so follow your mind (and heart) and listen to the voices in your head and tell their stories. Every one has to grow and evolve.

5 years ago

Thanks for sharing your reflections, Christina. Wooh! I have to admit, at first reading this I got a little panicky that maybe you were intending to leave contemporary romance behind for good (or even romance writing altogether). We all need breaks and a change and a chance to do something new, which I understand. If not now, when? So, I love your writing and characters so much that I’ll support any new journey you take on. Thanks again!

I’m looking forward to The Truth coming out—loving these little excerpts! <3

5 years ago

I can say in all honesty that I don’t care what you write, I know for a fact that I’m going to read it.

Lareeta R
Lareeta R
5 years ago

Christina, glad to know that you don’t plan to give up writing; however, if your muse tells you to try another genre, you have the talent to do so. I hope that you will stick to writing about Black men and Black women when you “spread your wings”. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

Necole Ryse
5 years ago

Do it. The universe will adjust.

Tori Butler
Tori Butler
5 years ago

Okay Christina I SOOOO hope you’re not thinking about not writing black romance anymore. You have become one of my FAVORITE writers! I literally search Amazon every few weeks looking to see if you have a new book out. You are the future of black romance. I’ve watched you grow and develop as a writer over the years and every project you put out is a reflection of your growth. Your characters are so REAL! I usually finish your books in one day, sometimes staying up until the wee hours of the morning reading. Can’t wait to read “The Truth”! PLEASE keep writing!

God Bless,

~ Tori B.

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