Review: Threads of Desire

So, let’s start with full disclosure.  I received a copy of Threads of Desire, by K.M. Jackson to read in exchange for my honest review.

With that said, I honestly would have purchased it anyway, because I read Kwana’s last release, Bounce (which I purchased myself) and absolutely loved it!  Kwana has a very fluid writing style, with just enough detail to keep you hooked, but not so much that it bogs you down and becomes wordy.  She’s very good at creating characters that feel real and relatable, so I was excited for the opportunity to read one of her books in advance!

Threads of Desire did not disappoint. I’m going to try not to give any spoilers, but there was a point in the very beginning of the book where something was revealed, and I rolled my eyes SO hard, thinking, ok, here we go with this same tired old thing. BUT THEN, Kwana switches it on us, and gives us a nice little twist on one of the overdone romance tropes.  It was very refreshing, and hyped me up for reading the rest of the book.

I love that this is definitely a romance, but it isn’t all long, lusty looks, and a heroine waiting on a hero to save her.  Gabrielle is very much her own woman, and she’s (mostly) easy to root for.  I say mostly because there were a couple of times I wanted to grab her by the throat and shake some sense into her, but by the end we’re back on track.

Even so, I actually liked our hero, Nick, better than I liked Gabrielle, but that’s not a negative.  I just really connected with his personality, and I found myself cheering him on a lot.

I would give this read 4.5/5 stars, but I’ll round up!  It was a perfect length for a quick read at just under 200 pages, and it read smoothly.  I enjoyed it, and I would definitely recommend.

Threads of Desire officially goes on sale on Monday, February 10th, but if you’d like to pre-order, you can do so here on Amazon!

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