Sample Sunday – A Setup

Last sample before Offensive Formations releases this Friday!


Somehow, I ended up seated next to Ambrose.

Well… not somehow, that shit was a fucking setup, I was sure.

I had Vanessa on my other side, but she was immersed in conversation with Terrell. My mother and Cole were yapping about something too, and then Jordan was listening intently to some lecture from Coach.


No way out.

“So… congratulations,” Ambrose said, his voice low as he leaned in my direction. “I almost feel bad you’ve gotta wear the L. It’s not fitting.”

I picked up my water, taking a long sip. “I guess it’s a good thing it’ll be changing possession soon enough.”

“You sure about that?”

Very,” I countered, then looked away when his gaze didn’t drop.

I could still feel him looking at me though.

“This is my first tennis match actually being in the stands,” he spoke. “I don’t think I realized how intense it was.”

I nodded. “You should thank RSM for putting you onto something new.”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “When I told Jordan I wanted to attend a match, he went straight to work making it happen.”

I took another sip. “What do you mean? This… isn’t an RSM thing?”

He lifted an eyebrow at me. “Nah… why would you think that?”

“Why else would you be here?”

Ambrose stared at me for a moment before he chuckled a bit, then leaned in. “Friends show up for friends, Teagan. You didn’t already know that?”



“Right,” I nodded, as if the thought had actually crossed my mind. “I guess I just… after that phone call…”

That was wild,” Ambrose laughed. “You were on ten.”

“I was.”

“And for nothing. At least, that’s how it looks to me. Like you’re giving these girls the business. Effortlessly.”

I grinned. “It’s definitely not effortless – I’m exhausted, and would rather be in my hotel room in my panties with a pizza instead of… this,” I said, gesturing at my clothes, the table, and the restaurant.

“Shit, you could’ve invited me to that instead,” he claimed, and when my eyebrows went up, he quickly added, “Maybe not in your panties though.”

“You’re saying you don’t want to see me in my panties?”

Why the fuck would you say that to him?

“Don’t put words in my mouth,” he laughed it off.

Thank God.

“For what it’s worth though… you clean up nice,” he said, on the tail end of an appreciative once over that made my face hot.

And did nothing to quell my sudden, obsessive desire to flirt.

“Just nice?” I asked, turning toward him in a way that put the pretty, delicate bra I wore on clear display.

And obviously, my titties too.

Ambrose chuckled. “You know you look good.”

“Correct. I just wanna hear you say it.”

My breath caught in my throat as he leaned in to speak into my ear. “Teagan… you look good as fuck.”

I wasn’t expecting those words to hit me where they did – right between the legs. I had to shift in my seat, as subtly possible, trying to calm the sudden throbbing he’d caused.

“So do you,” I managed to offer him in return, which was true, but…it didn’t hit the same.

There was no way I could mirror the same effect he’d had on me – not as awkward and out of practice as I was. Luckily for me, Coach got his attention to pull him into whatever he was talking about with Jordan.

Van!” I hissed, pulling her attention from Terrell. “I need to pee.”

“Okay girl, good luck with that.”

“Bitch, you know what I’m saying to you.”

“Do I?”

“If you don’t stop playing with me.”

Fiiine,” Van whined. “I will be right back,” she told Terrell, then glared at me. “Come on!”

“Is the dick that good?” I asked her, as soon as we were far enough from the table. “You treating me like I’m a fourth cousin or something!”

“I would love to know,” she countered, huffing as we stepped into the bathroom, checking to make sure it was empty before she proceeded. “I’ll never get to sample if you keep interrupting. And to pee? Your ass don’t need a hand-hold for the bathroom!”

“I don’t actually have to pee, girl!” I told her, tossing up my hands. “I need to talk.

“Oh. Oh. Shit, my bad,” she laughed. “Sorry. What’s wrong?”

“You motherfuckers making sure I ended up next to Ambrose. Y’all ain’t slick!”

She rolled her eyes. “I ask again – what’s wrong?”

“You know I’m not on that right now.”

“So don’t be on it.”

“It’s not that simple when he looks like that, and is so…”

A slow smirk spread across Van’s face. “He’s so…?”

“I don’t know,” I groaned. “He’s so… intriguing. And… magnetic. I’m having a really hard time maintaining any sort of filter. Or common sense. Maybe the hold on my panties. I don’t know.”

“Awww, you like him!”

“I don’t know him.”

“But you want to,” she shrugged. “Tea, why you are acting like there’s something wrong with that? Unless he’s got a girl or something, um…?”

“I don’t know what that man has,” I told her, crossing my arms. “And I shouldn’t be thinking about it anyway. I shouldn’t even be out right now honestly – I should be resting.”

“You don’t play tomorrow.”

“But I practice. I can’t be up and out all hours of the night.”

“Girl, it is a smooth nine o’clock—you’re just trying to get away from the table early and you know it.”

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Lisa Heard
Lisa Heard
6 months ago

Can’t wait for this to drop

6 months ago

People Will Not Be Able To Put This Story Down….Another Winner!

6 months ago

So what we’re saying is, I’m not sleeping next week Friday. This is too good.

6 months ago

I need it to be Friday already!!! I can’t take it lol


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