Sample Sunday – A Win

As usual – unedited, and subject to change. Release date is August 17th. Enjoy 🙂

“Okay I must have the wrong office – can you point me to the one you use for your actual job? Thanks.”

I grinned as my sister – my twin – Nicole didn’t even bother looking up from what she was doing to flip me off.  Taking a seat in front of her desk, I watched as she referred to some list she had, comparing it against what appeared to be a page full of numbered circles, with lines extending from each one.

“Shouldn’t your fancy wedding planner be handling that?” I asked, and finally she looked up, brushing sleek, shoulder length strands from her face.

“What do you want, Nate? I’m busy.”

I frowned. “Damn, I can’t just be checking in on my sister, seeing how she’s adjusting to our promotion?”

In previous years, our title had been Assistant Director of Player Success, and there had been four of us with that title, managing the team. Now, Cole and I shared the new position of simply Director of Player Success, splitting the team in two – offense and defense. The other two people had gone to different positions in the team.

“Well, considering that it’s off season, and my guys know I’ll string them up by the balls if they fuck up on a day off, I am doing peachy. Don’t have much to do.”

“So you plan your wedding at your desk?”

“Yes. We are just two months right now, with plenty to do. So this is what I’m working on. Problem?”


“Good. Do you think Emma is old enough to be flower girl, without eating the petals?” she asked, referring to our baby sister.

I twisted my lips, thinking. “Eh… not sure. Maybe have somebody walk with her, to guide her? She just turned two, so I imagine those flowers are going to look pretty appetizing to her.”

“True. But it’ll probably make for great pictures. Maybe Mel can do it, and that will give her something better to do than just sitting there. You know? Like an actual place in the wedding.”

Instead of responding, I chuckled.

“What?” she asked, looking up from her seating chart again. “Why is that funny?”

“Because two years ago you barely wanted to be in the same room with Mel, now you’re making sure she has a place in your wedding.”

Cole shrugged. “That’s true. I guess I realized it was time to grow up… at least for some of us,” she added, giving me a pointed look that made me frown.

“Woah, hold on – are you suggesting that I haven’t grown up?”

“Oh course not, brother,” she said, with a syrupy sweet smile that suggested it was exactly what she was saying. “You’re just… not that serious. Which is fine, as long as you aren’t hurting anybody, I just… I don’t know. I never thought I’d beat you to the alter.”

“Because I beat you at everything else. I was trying to give you a win, and look at you holding it against me!”

She rolled her eyes. “Whatever Nate.”

“Don’t whatever me, it’s not too late for me to pull off a little quarterback sneak, pop up with a wife on you. Put you back in second place – your rightful spot.”“The day you “pop up with a wife” is the day I eat this desk,” she laughed.

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