Sample Sunday: Cat Got Your Tongue?

releasedatesaveme2Savi watched him with an odd sense of satisfaction as he tossed the shirt to the floor, then toed his way out of his socks and shoes. His belt and shorts were next, and when he stood in front of her in nothing but his boxers, still straining with the erection that had started back at the hotel room door, he paused.

“Those too,” Savi said with a shrug.

He shook his head, and dropped the boxers.

He was… incredible.

Harrison Cole was covered all over in that rich, honey brown tone, tall and solidly built, with mouthwateringly chiseled arms. His chest was mostly smooth, just a tiny sprinkle of hair, but lower, there was more, leading to a thick, gorgeous, heavy-looking erection.

Also mouthwatering.

“Turn around,” Savi whispered, and Harrison narrowed his eyes, even though the corners of his mouth twitched like he wanted to smile. He did as she said though, and Savi bit her lip at the sight of his muscled ass and back.

Damn, he is delicious.

While his back was turned, Savi reached for her phone, plugging in the secure code to unlock it. She navigated to her CIA database, typed in another series of passwords, then typed in Harrison Cole when the screen she wanted came up. There was indeed a hit, but she frowned at the information that came up.

“I know what my files says,” he said, his voice edged with annoyance. “There’s a reason for that. Can I put my damned clothes on?”

Behind him, she smiled. “No. Come around here, to the couch. Sit down.” She wiped the grin from her face before he turned around, and pointed the gun at him again even though she’d already decided she didn’t need it.

She tossed her phone back onto the table, placed his gun beside it, then rounded the couch to stand in front of Harrison. He didn’t look at her, keeping his eyes pointed toward the ceiling as he relaxed his head on the low back of the couch. Without a word, Savi started stripping off her clothes, and then he gave her his attention.

Even though he watched until she was completely nude in front of him, his expression didn’t change. He looked positively bored, if she only went by his face, but he couldn’t hide the reaction of his body. His body was hard – impressively so – and he was sticking straight up, ready and waiting. With her Ruger still in her hand, Savannah lowered herself onto his lap, with his erection between them.

He draped his hands behind his head, swallowing hard as Savi pushed the barrel of the gun against his jaw. “Special Agent Savannah Briggs, CIA. I won’t hold you here against your will. If you wanna get your gun, get dressed, leave… you can. Or…” she smiled, biting her lip as she glanced down at his hardness pressed against her flat stomach, then reached over him, pulling a condom from her purse on the table. She held the little plastic package up in front of his face. “You can stay.”

Harrison scoffed, shaking his head as his eyes drifted over her body. “You are crazy. Sexy as hell… but crazy.” Still… he made no move to remove her from his lap, lowering his hands to instead cup handfuls of her ass and squeeze. “Or maybe my ass is crazy, for not getting the fuck out of here.”

Giggling, Savi leaned forward, trailing kisses over his neck and chest as she gripped him in her hand and gave a gentle squeeze. “It’ll be worth it… promise,” she whispered into his ear, then pulled the soft cartilage between her teeth.

In one swift motion, Harrison disarmed her, then flipped her on her back on the couch, positioning himself between her legs. Savi realized very suddenly, that she may not have been as in charge as she thought, but that didn’t matter, not any more. All that mattered was the sweet, sweet friction between her thighs as Harrison pushed inside of her after tearing open and putting on the condom, burying himself deep as he propped her legs around his waist.

It was so, so good, skirting the line of pain and pleasure, filling her up, igniting a gratifying tingle that touched her all over as he began to move. Slow, confident, deep strokes that made her whimper a little just before he pulled back, and dig her nails into his back as he did it again, and again, and again.

He lowered his chest until they were skin to skin, then went to work sucking and nibbling her neck. She opened her mouth, but couldn’t form words, only desperate little gasps of pleasure.

“What’s wrong, Agent Briggs?” Harrison shifted so they were face to face, then grinned as she met his eyes. “Cat got your tongue?”

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