Sample Sunday – Couldn’t Help Myself

nubiastephcoverblackGuess what? You can pre-order Inevitable Seductions here for release on February 19th!

As always – sample is unedited, subject to change, all that jazz. Happy reading!

My eyes locked with Nubia’s as I approached. She didn’t back down, and I sure in the fuck wasn’t about to either. Yeah, maybe I bitched about it to my homeboys, and obsessed about it in the comfort of my own mind, but when it came time to be face to face with her, she’d never see me sweat. And like any worthy opponent, she wore her game face as well.

“How are your legs this morning Ms. Perry?” I asked, taking the empty seat to her left. “I see you’re in heels, so you must be feeling okay.”

“They’re perfectly fine,” She snipped, not bothering to look up from the glass as she swirled a spoon in her sweet tea, and I grinned.

“Oh, you’re back to not liking me again? Is that what this is?”

“Is that what what is, Stephen?”

“Your pissy attitude this morning.”

Her head shot up, and she ran her tongue over her teeth before she turned toward me. “I don’t have a pissy attitude,” she said, in a tone that directly contradicted her words. “I’m  tired, so if it’s okay with you, I’d rather save my energy for Elise.”

“It’s not okay with me.” That little rebuttal earned me rolled eyes. “You had the same excuse for being an asshole yesterday. Like a toddler that missed a nap. Maybe you should try getting a more sleep.”

She narrowed her eyes behind the pink framed glasses I hadn’t seen since the plane, and leaned toward me, annoyance and anger practically radiating off her skin. “Are you seriously going to suggest I “get more sleep” when you’re the one who had me up until the wee hours of the morning? If I have an attitude, it’s your fault, buddy.”

My fault?” I repeated, leaning toward her with a smirk, getting close enough that there were only a few inches of room between my face and hers. “Ms. Perry, I didn’t ask you to ride me so hard. You didn’t have to give yourself that much of a workout… but your reverse cowgirl position was an incredible view.”

Nubia’s lip curled into a sneer. “No, you didn’t ask me to. But the way your toes curled up, and all that moaning you were doing… such wonderful motivation that I just couldn’t help myself.”

She gave me a look that would’ve had my mother planning a funeral if looks could kill, then turned back to her cell phone and her tea. As her mouth closed over her straw, I could almost hear her saying checkmate in her head – rightfully so, cause I was reeling from that last blow, and couldn’t even form a jab to throw back.

Why the hell did that turn me on?

Maybe because she looks so damned good.

Her hair was down again, in her huge fro that stretched high and wide. Looking at it brought back memories of having my face pressed into those soft, fragrant coils as I drove into her from behind. And that mouth of hers, painted a bright pink that matched her glasses… so far, only used for kissing, but I had plenty of other uses in mind for next time.

Wait a minute… next time?

Here she was, quite obviously putting up a wall between us, and instead of taking the “out”, like the little voice at the back of my head was begging me to do… I was pressing forward. And why? I mean, I loved a challenge, but damn!

I’d gotten what I initially wanted – a night with her to see if the sex was really what I thought it would be. Though my expectations on that were met and surpassed, somewhere along the way, the pursuit of sex had stopped being the priority. I liked our banter. I liked her, and thought our acquaintanceship was evolving into a friendship at least.

But maybe… maybe that was just who Nubia was? Moving between hot and cold with the flip of a switch, and though it was fun to back and forth with her, it didn’t give me any indication that it was the right path toward my goal of having a family. She had her friends, had her career, and everyone else – myself included – was disposable.

When I mentioned to her, way back in Argentina, that my pursuing her had stopped being just about getting some ass, that was true. It was more than that – it was about the challenge. Now though, it seemed like it was about… something else entirely. Man… what the fuck was this woman doing to me? First she had me moaning, now I was sitting here trying to dissect what I might mean to her? After one night of sex?

Tariq was right. Nubia had me gone in the head, and I wasn’t even sure when it happened, or why.

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DL White
DL White
5 years ago

This sample. This blog header. Preorders…. what a time to be alive!!!

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