Sample Sunday: Finding Forever

FFcoverI watched Des and Drew deliver their toasts, but didn’t bother with the garter toss. Tori apparently had the same idea about the throwing of the bouquet, because while two of Drew’s cousins were fighting over it, I found her tucked into a quiet balcony, looking at the last rays of the sun reflected over the water.

“You know… this view is better from my villa,” I said as I approached, stopping to stand  beside her at the railing.

She looked up at me with a smile, even though it didn’t quite reach her eyes. “You’re not staying in one of those,” she said skeptically, tossing a handful of hair over her shoulder.

I leaned close, speaking right into her ear. “Or am I?”

She laughed, then cocked her head to the side, as if she were contemplating it. “The ones right by the water, in the glades?”

“From the deck to the water, twenty feet. Thirty, tops.”

I wasn’t lying— the view from the beachside villa I’d reserved for my stay was spectacular— but if I took her there, I was hoping to show her quite a bit more than the view. I didn’t give a damn about her ‘man’, especially if he was stressing her out.  That just increased the likelihood that I could get a sample of what she held between those supple, honey-colored thighs.  Besides, what man with any sense would let a woman who looked like that come to the freaking Maldives alone?

“Private beach?” she asked, leaning back onto the railing as she turned to face me. I nodded, then watched the ripple of her throat as she took the last sip of champagne from her glass.  She had this sultry look in her eyes that was diverting the blood flow from my brain, and sending it to my groin as a rapid pace. Sliding her hand into mine, she gave me an expectant smile that nearly knocked me off my feet. “Show it to me.”

I hadn’t expected her to be nearly this willing, but even with the possibility in mind that this was some kind of setup, I glanced around the reception to make sure both my sister and cousin were gone, then I led her out of the main building of the resort and down the lighted path to the villas, which were set into the glades.

She was quiet as we walked, but every time I glanced down at her, she was looking up at me.  Her eyes were glossy, which normally would have made me wonder if she’d had a little too much champagne, but her footsteps were steady along the sandy path. When we entered the room, I was immediately glad that I had left the door to the deck open, because the warm breeze sweeping through made the sheer white curtains seem to float, creating a first impression that I couldn’t have pulled off any better if I’d planned it.  A smile, a real, joyful one, spread across Tori’s face, and she immediately released my hand and headed outside, stopping at the deck to kick off her shoes before stepping onto the sand. I followed her lead, trailing behind her as she walked all the way out to the edge of the water, letting it lap over her toes for several long minutes before she finally spoke.

“I got divorced.”

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7 years ago

I like the Sunday tease

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