Sample Sunday – Joseph Wright, P.D.

(Unedited. Subject to change)

“Girl, if you say so. I’m actually surprised you say he’s an asshole to you. I mean… I think all three of them, Jason, Justin, and Joseph have a little streak of it in them, but Joseph is usually laid back around me. He can take himself a bit too seriously sometimes with the “eldest brother” thing, but I figured how to shut that down immediately. I gave him a nickname.”

I lifted my eyebrow. “A nickname?”

A mischievous glint came to Reese’s eyes as she flipped her newly-installed braids over her shoulder. “Mmhmm. At first, it was “Little Joe”, since their dad is Big Joe, right? But that felt too much like I was insulting his dick size, so I had to think of something else.”


“What?” she asked innocently, sipping her drink. “I’m just saying. Calling a grown man “Little Joe” just doesn’t sound right.”

Laughing, I shook my head. “You… have a good point. So what’s the new nickname?”

She smiled. “Pussy Doctor. He hates it, so much. So whenever he starts getting a little out of pocket, I just start referring to him as Pussy Doctor. Me and Jay laugh our asses off, Joseph goes away, and it’s a done deal.”

“… Pussy Doctor?”

She shrugged. “Joseph Wright, P.D. Is it not a fitting title? I’m telling you, next time he starts with you, pull that out. I bet he leaves you alone.”

“I’m not calling him that.”

“Suit yourself,” she said, taking another sip. “But you know what your only other option is, right?”

I narrowed my eyes, knowing my best friend in the world well enough that I had some inkling of what she was about to say. “And that is…?”

“You have to fuck him. Soon.”

I was expecting that, but still choked a little on my drink as the words left her mouth. “Reesie, please. I will not be screwing Dr. Wright anytime soon. That man can’t stand me.”

Reese pulled her face into a scowl. “Dev, are you stupid? First of all, “that man” is only thirty-four, stop acting like that’s sooo much older than you. Second, please. He’s bugging the shit out of you because he wants you, and he’s mad about it.”

“Thirty-four is grown as hell. And men who are grown as hell don’t pick on you because they like you, like a boy on the playground yanking your pigtail.”

Rolling her eyes, Reese gave me a look full of nonverbal “bitch please”. “I hate to be the one to break it to you, but men absolutely do revert to little boys when they want something they can’t have. He’s messing with you because it’s the only thing he can do. Don’t y’all have a work rule against screwing each other or something?”

I pushed my hair away from my face, tucking it behind my ear as I sighed. “Yeah, we do, but… even if we didn’t. I couldn’t sleep with him. He’s… he’s…”

“An arrogant, fine ass doctor. I distinctly remember a conversation where you used those exact words describing your perfect man. Remember Malcolm?”

“Yeah. I know better now.”

Reese shook her head, pressing her lips together to keep from breaking into a grin. “Whatever you say, Nurse Echols. I can already see where this is going – stop pretending that you don’t.”

“I don’t. You’re just trying to pull somebody else into the Wright family with you, talking about some “already see where this is going.” Uh, no bitch, I see where this is going.”

Laughing, Reese grabbed me by the hand. “Come onnn, Dev. Get with the program. You could be my sister in law one day.”

“As if I really need another connection to the likes of you,” I teased, squeezing her fingers. “Speaking of future hubby, where is Jay while you’re over here making yourself at home, serving me his liquor in the middle of the day?”

“His internship at Newton Motors started today,” she said, her eyes shining with pride. Jay was graduating soon, with a degree in mechanical engineering. Positions at Newton Motors were hard to come by, and from what I heard, the internships that guaranteed those positions were even more scarce. She definitely had reason to be proud.

“I want to have dinner waiting on him when he gets home,” she continued, standing to go to the refrigerator. “I have chicken, greens, sweet potatoes, a couple of blocks of cheese for macaroni.”

“So you just went full domestic on me, huh?”

With her lip pulled between her teeth, Reese turned to me, wrinkling her nose. “Is it too much? I’m doing too much aren’t I?”

“No,” I laughed. “Being in love looks really good on you. It’s sweet, and I think he’ll appreciate it. I don’t know what just the two of you are going to do with all of that food though.”

“Ah!” Reese smiled as she let the refrigerator door swing closed. “I was thinking about inviting his family, feeding everybody.”

I nodded. “That would be cool.”

“And… hey… maybe you could stay for dinner too?”

“Girl, hell no,” I scoffed, shaking my head. “I see enough of Joseph Wright at work. I’d rather not share a meal with him.”

“Come onnnn.” Reese came back over to me, propping her hands on my shoulders. “You know you want to spend an evening in the presence of these fine ass Wright men.”

I laughed. “I really, really don’t. Jay is the homie, but I don’t know Justin, and Big Joe and Auntie Imara are just gonna be sucking face all night like teenagers. Jose—”

“Pussy Doctor.”

I rolled my eyes. “Fine. Pussy Doctor is not nearly enough of a draw to get me to stay for dinner.”

“Not even if I’m making a sweet potato cheesecake?”

An involuntary moan worked its way up my throat, and my eyelids fluttered a bit. “Ooh, you don’t play fair Reesie,” I whined, crossing my arms. “But… no. Not even that. But I hope you’d save your bestie a tiny piece anyway…”

“Only if you help me cook.”

Laughing, I pulled myself up from my seat.

“If I’m helping cook, I expect a damned plate.”

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DL White
DL White
5 years ago

I am already in LOVE. If you are not writing right now Ima need you to #saddown and get to it.

Brianna Stokes
Brianna Stokes
5 years ago

I literally just sit around and wait for you to put out a new book. I can’t wait for this one!!

5 years ago

Already in love with this book can’t wait! I know I am going to love Joseph and Dev.

Carolyn Jackson
Carolyn Jackson
5 years ago


Kanika Coleman
Kanika Coleman
5 years ago

I can’t wait!!! I’m so in love with this series!!! Just reread Resse and Jason again!!!

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