Sample Sunday – Real Good Girl

Per usual – unedited, subject to change, and I do not have a release date.

We can have a little fun with it in the meantime though, right??

A few feet from where I’d parked my bike, I stopped moving, with Marti coming to a halt beside me. I swallowed hard, trying to find the moisture – or hell, words – to address the scene in front of me.

Blue, perched against my ride like it was yet another thing of mine he’d claimed for himself.

“Hey Nessa,” he spoke, in a way that made it sound quite… filthy.

The good kind.

When I said nothing, he smirked, turning his gaze to Marti. “You can go.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” she immediately countered, even though the little tremble in her voice was in clear contrast to the front she was putting up.

“Yes, you are.”

That didn’t come from Blue, who seemed quite amused by it all – a woman clad in deep red leather stepped from the nearby shadows, arms crossed.


Blue’s second-in-command.

“Get your ass on your bike and get the fuck on, before I decide you aren’t going anywhere. Ever,” Tatiana told Marti, who took a step backward.

I didn’t blame her.

Tatianna was terrifying.

“Chill, Tati,” Blue said, completely unruffled by what was unfolding. “Marti, no harm is gonna come to you. You really should get home though.”

Go,” I insisted, meeting her gaze. “Don’t make it a thing. I’ll be fine.”


Go – one of us has to get those bikes, remember?”

She let out a huff, looking between Blue and Tatiana before she stepped up to her own ride, parked a few down from mine.

“Call me as soon as you get in,” she said, lifting her helmet.

I nodded. “You do the same.”

“She’s a good friend,” Tatiana chuckled as Marti rode off. “Good thing you were smart enough to talk sense into her.”

“I just didn’t want her caught up in whatever this is,” I countered, shifting to look the woman in her face as I crossed my arms too. “Or having to deal with a grown ass bully.”

Tatiana smirked. “Oh, is that what you think that was?” she asked, strolling up to me. She had several inches of height on me, and a mane of deep red hair contrasting her deep brown skin, and together with all her leather, she was quite striking.

And, again, terrifying.

Good thing I wasn’t a scary bitch.

“What would you call it?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Getting shit done,” she said, simply. “Bullies go after people to cover their own fears and insecurities. I don’t have a reason to bully anybody. He wanted you alone – she was in the way, so she needed to go – one way or another.” Her gaze shifted to Blue. “I’m going to get a drink.”

Without even giving me another glance, she walked off toward the entrance of the bar, leaving Blue and I as the only people on this end of the lot, which was suspiciously empty.

“Nessa… is that short for something?”

“No. It’s just my name.”

Still resting against my bike like it belonged to him, he nodded. “Interesting name as a standalone.”

“It’s not a standalone – it goes with my brother and sister. Kensa, born first, Nessa, born second, Trace, born third. They work together. But I’m pretty sure you didn’t show up here for a pedagogy about my name, so what do you want?”

“Damn. Feisty.”

“Get off my ride.”

Blue smirked as he got off my bike – in zero particular hurry, in such a smooth manner I had to marvel over what his core strength must be. “Follow me,” he said, but didn’t move.

“Excuse me?”

Follow me,” he repeated, gesturing toward where his ride was parked, a few paces away.


“You’ll see when we get there.”

“You don’t honestly think that’s going to work for me, do you?”

He shrugged, then moved to don his helmet, climb on his bike, and then… he took off, without waiting for me.


Because there was no chance I was following his ass who knows where anyway.

I put on my helmet and climbed on my bike, starting it up to drive up to where the parking lot exited to the street.

There, I hesitated.

One direction would take me home.

The other direction… was the one Blue had taken.

Why is this even a question, girl?

I pushed out a sigh and pulled onto the street.

I did not head home.

I… followed.

Or at least, I tried.

He had a significant head start, and the only thing I could even attempt to follow was the sound of his motor, designed to be loud and attention-grabbing as he navigated the streets. I did my best to keep up, feeling completely ridiculous as I drove further and further toward the city limits, relying solely on my ears to tell me where I needed to be.

It wasn’t until we were headed towards the hills that I actually caught up to him.

And “caught up” wasn’t likely to be true – I had a feeling he’d realized I was indeed behind him, so he’d slowed up to wait for me.

Such a fucking gentleman.

Outside the traffic, he gave me no such courtesy, pushing his ride to speeds that made my heart race as I tried to keep up through the winding curves. After what felt like a while, he pulled off to a barely lit side road that made me start wondering again, rightfully – bitch have you lost your mind?

That road curved around a decent-sized cliff, and then finally, on the other side, was a house. It wasn’t large at all, but it was nice, with a sleek, modern frontage that felt very… Blue.


I’d followed this man… to his house.

What the fuck was I doing?

“Come on,” he called me in my direction, before I’d even cut my bike off. I was still deciding – lying to myself – whether I was actually about to do that when he approached, reaching to do it for me. He pulled my helmet off too. “I said come on.”

It was my pussy’s fault.

If there was anywhere I could lay the blame for eagerly climbing off that bike to follow him into his house, it was squarely between my legs. This was so reckless, so potentially dangerous, and… so miserably hot.

Before I could get inside, I got the call from Marti that she was home – I didn’t answer, choosing to shoot a text instead before I gave my attention back to the matter at hand.

“You wanna tell me what I’m doing here?” I asked as soon as we were on the other side of his locked front door. He’d kept strolling, but I stopped, so he turned to walk back to where I was standing.

“I think you know.”

“Let’s pretend I don’t.”

“You’re here because I want you here, and I make it a priority to get what I want,” he said, pinning me with a look that dared me to challenge him.

I didn’t.

I stood there submissively as he unzipped my jacket, revealing the tank I’d tossed on underneath – I hadn’t bothered with a bra.

“Why you want… me?” I asked, not because I was insecure, but I was certainly curious.

“You seem like a nice girl.”

I smirked. “There’s no way I’m not at least five years older than you – probably more. I’m not a girl.

“I happen to think you’d be a very good girl, Nessa.”

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