Sample Sunday – Thank You For the Opportunity

Unedited. Subject to change. enjoy. 🙂


My eyebrows shot up. “I…wow,” I stammered, as what had just happened really hit me. “I… I look forward to hearing from you. Again, thank you for the opportunity.”
“No.” Eli stepped forward, putting a hand on my shoulder. “If all goes smoothly, it’s not an opportunity,” he corrected. “It’s your future.”
The next few minutes were a blur.
I know goodbyes were exchanged and all of that, but I damn near felt like I was floating as Jordan led me to find Wil and Cole. Barely, I registered Jordan telling me congratulations before he and Cole moved away, leaving me with Wil, who had a cocktail glass of something that looked fruity in her hands.
“I wanna dance,” she said, after she’d gulped it down and handed the glass to a passing server, and I absently nodded my agreement.
As soon as we were out on the floor, the music switched from up-tempo to something slower, with the DJ declaring he wanted to see all the couples. She stepped close to me – closer than I expected her to – and I put my hands respectfully at her waist. Even in my haze, I noted that with heels on, Wil was actually a little taller than me – perfect height for my hands to fall naturally at her ass, which was looking perfectly grab-able in that goddamn dress.
“Ramsey,” she whispered, leaning in to catch my gaze. “What’s up with you? You seem distracted.”
Not so distracted I didn’t hear the subtle slur in her words as she spoke, but I shook my head. “It’s nothing, not really. Just… I think I got offered a job.”
She frowned a little, processing my words. “Offered a job? By who?”
“Eli Richardson.”
For a second, she stopped the slow sway we’d been doing to the music, and then her eyes went wide. “Eli Richardson, as in owner of the Kings?!” she whisper-yelled, and I pulled her in closer just to calm her.
“Yes,” I said into her ear. “But… not quite an offer yet, not really. But they want me to come to a workout.”
“That’s basically an offer,” she whispered back, and I grinned.
“Yeah… it is.”
She pulled back enough to look me in the eyes. Hers were glossy again, but not for the previous reasons. “That is amazing. And it’s happening because you are amazing,” she said, then wrapped her arms around my neck in a way that pushed my face right into her breasts, surrounding me in warmth and softness and goddamn why does she smell so good?
I knew I should pull back, but I didn’t immediately, taking a second for a deep breath in before I disconnected us.
“Thanks, Champ,” I told her, and her response was to give me a silly grin.
“Thanks for what?” she asked, then giggled and I bit the inside of my jaw to keep from laughing.
That was our cue to leave.
She slept for most of the drive back to Stamford, waking up just as we were pulling into the city.
“My throat is dry,” she complained, and I chuckled as I handed her the container of gum I kept in the console.
“That’s all I have for you right now, Champ.”
She gave me a mumbled “thank you” and accepted a few pieces. By the time I keyed in the code to get us through the gate for her parent’s neighborhood, she was upright, which was a good sign. I considered that maybe she hadn’t drunk as much as I thought, but that notion was killed as soon as I pulled around to the driveway of the attached apartment she was staying in, and opened the door for her to get out.
I had to catch her to keep her from falling on her ass, which she thought was funny as hell. Shaking my head, I helped her inside, then helped her to her bedroom, with her laughing and keeping up a steady stream of conversation the whole time. And hope that she’d slept a bit of it off was just that – hope. Leave it to Wil to wake up still tipsy, just energized.
“Everybody looked sooo good tonight,” she gushed, falling backwards across her bed. I wasn’t “just a friend” enough to undress or help or change, but I took the opportunity to at least get the strappy heels off of her, so she could sleep for real.
Or at least, I intended to.
Her tipsy, silly ass wouldn’t keep still, giggling and declaring that it tickled every time I tried to touch her. I’d seen Wil under the influence before, so it didn’t surprise me at all, but this was different. This time, she was in a sexy ass dress that was climbing higher up her legs and lower down her chest with every motion, and I was trying my best to be a gentleman.
And a friend.
A friend.
I needed to get my ass out of there.

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4 years ago

Sounds real good !!!!!! As usual. Thanks !

4 years ago

You’re nothing but consistent Christina, excellent work. As usual I can’t wait.

Denise Henry
Denise Henry
4 years ago

Already anticipating something great. Can’t wait

4 years ago

Can’t wait, I read everything you put out.

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