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jai“This isn’t working.”

        Jai rolled her eyes and sat up, closing her coat over the rather delicious view of her caramel skin in the white lingerie.  If she was there, Rashad would have thanked Cameron for what he considered to be a personal gift to him: Jai’s fine ass in that angelic white lace and those hot pink heels that made her legs seem even longer.  She had a flat stomach, but the rest of her body consisted of lush curves, begging to be touched.

        But, Rashad valued his life. Derek was shooting death glares at anyone whose eyes rested below Jai’s neck any longer than a few seconds, and Rashad had no interest in finding out what would happen if Derek decided to do more that just scowl.

        More importantly though, it was obvious that Jai wasn’t into the shoot.  She looked incredible, but her body language was stiff, and smiling or not, she really didn’t look like she wanted to be there.  There was no way these pictures would make it into Sugar & Spice.  Not with Rashad’s name on them.

        “Jai, you wanna tell me what’s going on?” Rashad approached her carefully, keeping one eye on her, the other on Derek.

        “Can we just get this over with?  I’m cold, and I’m starting to get stiff, and I—”

        “I see where this is going. Why don’t you take a break while do some lighting adjustments? Maybe that will help these shots not look so…”

        “Bad?” Jai finished, crossing her arms.  The move pushed her breasts even closer together and Rashad forced himself to look away.

        “I wasn’t gonna say that, but…”

        “Kiss my ass, Rashad.”

        Grinning, he took another step closer, bending his head to speak quietly into her ear.  He knew he was risking his safety with Derek standing just a few yards away, but he couldn’t resist. “You know I’ll do more than kiss it, right?”

        “Ugh!” Rashad laughed as Jai shoved him away, clenching her chef’s coat against her body as she slid down from the counter and stomped away.  His smile slipped as Derek entered his line of sight, but instead of coming toward Rashad, he followed Jai down the hall to her office.

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7 years ago

Loved it

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