Sample Sunday : The Trouble With Love

cameron“You can pout all you want, Cameron, it doesn’t mean anything to me.”  Derek crossed his arms over his chest as he looked down at Cameron’s slumped form. She was supposed to be doing the new flexibility exercises he’d shown her, but she was full of excuses today. He was tired of it.  “Look, if you aren’t willing to put in the work, I can give this time to a client who is. So what do you want to do?”

Oh, so now she’s pissed? He sighed about Cameron’s lack of response as he crouched down beside her. “Ms. Taylor, I-” Derek continued his fussing, but stopped when he saw her face. He was surprised by the unshed tears welling in her eyes as she turned her body away from him.

“Hey,” he said, immediately softening his tone. “If you’re in pain, you’re supposed to let me know.  We can modify any of these exercises to make sure you’re comfortable.”

Cameron shook her head. “It’s not that, Derek.  I’m… I’m fine.  I’m sorry about slacking off.  Just show me the stretch again, I can do it.”

“So you’re sitting here crying in the middle of the hospital gym for no reason?  That’s what you want me to believe?”  He reached forward, placing a hand against her shoulder. “Tell me what’s going on.”

She threw her head back as she pushed out a deep breath.  “Well, the magazine is supposed to be doing this big photoshoot tomorrow.  It’s really important to me, not just for the magazine, but for the money that’s going to those charities.  Everything was perfect, and then on the way here, I got a call that two of the participants dropped out, and so now I don’t have enough people to round out the full 16 that we decided on.”  Cameron wrapped her arms around her knees, pulling them up to her chest. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do.  I really needed this to go well, after everything else that’s been going on.”

“What makes fewer people so bad?  That means that each charity gets more money, right?”

“Well yeah, you would think so.  But all of the layouts, set design, page counts, all of these things were designed around 16 participants.  If we go down to 14, we have pay for a new designs, pay for the printers to reset their run, all of that.  So it could end up that less money goes to the charities.”

Derek grimaced. “Yikes. None of your people know anyone else that can fill in?”

“Not on short notice.  This shoot has uh…, very specific criteria.”

“Such as…?”

“Well,” Cameron said, clasping her hands together. “They have to be in a profession that makes a drastic, positive difference in people’s lives and they have to be attractive.  Of course there are people who will visit the site, and buy the print copy, and donate just out of the goodness of the hearts.  Which is great.  But most people are gonna keep coming back to the website, sharing it, and telling their friends because of the sexy pictures of sexy people.  That’s where the real money is gonna come from.”

Derek nodded his head in agreeance.  “You’re definitely right about that.  I wish there was something I could do for you.  But, let me show you this stretch agai-”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.  I just thought of something,” Cameron said, a smile spreading across her face. “You’re a handsome guy, Derek.  And not that I was looking, but you’ve got a nice body underneath that tee sh-”

“Nope, let me stop you right there.  I’m not doin’ it.”

“Why not?!”

Derek wiped a hand across his face. “Come on, Cameron, it’s just not my kinda thing.”

“But you’d be doing me such a big favor.  And it’s for charity!  Think about the people you could help!”

“Yeah, including you.”

Cameron shrugged. “Yes, including me.  Please, Derek.  You’re a good  fit for this.  Physically, you’re perfect. And come on, look at all of the people you help around here as a physical therapist.  I know you have clients that are lot more messed up than me, and you get these people moving again, you give them hope.  I’m actually not sure why I didn’t ask you before.”

“Because you don’t like me!  You’ve been giving me hell about putting in the necessary work since day one.  I push you, and I don’t back down from your bullshit.  You can’t stand that,” Derek said, shaking his head as he stood, ignoring Cameron’s hands as they motioned for him to help her up.

“See, that right there is why you think I don’t like you.  You won’t even help me get up, but if I get mad about it, all of sudden you’re the victim!”

“No victims here, Cam.  I won’t help you do anything you can do yourself. Get up. On your own.

He grinned as he watched Cameron maneuver herself up from the floor, cursing the entire time.

“You happy now, drill sergeant?”

“Hell yeah, as a matter of fact, I am.  Aren’t you?”

Cameron tilted her head to the side, thinking for a moment before a smile returned to her lips. “Actually… yeah.”

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Kiru Taye
7 years ago

Love their banter

Stephanie Brewer
7 years ago

Enjoyed the sample. Nice website.

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