Sample Sunday – You Think I’m Not?

Last sample. A peek into Blue’s head. Release is this coming Friday!

Instead of letting go, she kept backing away, pushing my head back, claiming she couldn’t take it. Even with my arms locked around her thighs, holding her in place, she kept disrupting, kept holding back – scared of wherever the feeling was about to take her.

I had a remedy for that.

“I’m sorry,” she breathed, half-panting, when I got up, flipping the covers away. I climbed off the bed, moving to the foot of it as she kept talking. “I’m not usually so sensitive, I just—what is that?”

“This?” I asked, knowing damn well she was referring to the silk ties I had in my hand. “This is… let’s call them… assurance,” I explained, grabbing her ankle to pull her closer to the end of the bed, where I planned to secure her foot.

“What!” she shrieked, snatching away from me. “You think you’re about to tie me up?!”

“You think I’m not?”

Her eyes went wide, and she grabbed the sheet, pulling it up to cover her nude body. Her gaze dropped to my dick, then came back to my face. “I… think I’ve had enough, and I’m about to go.”

I dropped the ties, leaning over the bed to plant my hands on either side of her thighs. “And I won’t stop you. You can absolutely leave. Or… you can be a good girl and let me do this for you.”

Her eyebrows lifted. “For me?”

“Yes, Nessa. For. Not to.

She sucked her teeth. “Is that what last night was too?”

“As a matter of fact… yes,” I answered with a slick grin. “But… you could’ve answered that for yourself.”

“How do you figure?”

“How does your pussy feel, after everything, huh? Run down? Or well taken care of?”

She didn’t have to say anything, didn’t have to give a verbal answer – it was all over her face. As much as our time had been about my needs, there was nothing about it that excluded hers. I needed control, and she wanted to give it up. Satiating the need for pleasure had been a mutual exchange. Having orgasms was great, definitely.

But giving them – taking them – that hit me in a different place.

I wanted that again.

Maybe… one more time.

She wanted that too, I could see it in her eyes, in her shallow breathing, could smell it in the fresh pheromones from between her legs.

“Yes or no?” I asked.

I needed to hear her say it.

She swallowed hard.


I didn’t waste a second.

Not just because I had an entire agenda for the day that this didn’t factor into, but because I was anxious – against all my rules of self-discipline – to get my nose between her thighs again.

Once I was done with the ties though, I stopped to admire her spread out on the bed – completely nude, completely vulnerable, spread out and bound at each corner.

And then I feasted.

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5 months ago


4 months ago

Ohh, this was my first read by you. Short and sexy. Now I’m going back to read EVERYTHING ever written. All of it. But this series is HOT!!

2 months ago

A response to the Title ” I BET you Can!!” lol

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