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10469340_10100370101751452_620143205696850227_nWe went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday.  That was planned.  What was NOT planned was waking up to a car that wouldn’t start (because I left my keys in the ignition, lights on overnight, shut up), and a husband who was out of town fishing and bbq’ing.  So, the friend that I was supposed to be joining at the pumpkin patch came by, and together (because my husband drives a stick, thank God SHE knew how to actually crank it) we called ourselves jumping my battery. Heh.  Yeah, nothing.  So, she goes back to her house to get her other vehicle, big enough for all of us.  Great, right?  Nope.  That battery is dead too, and OBVIOUSLY we can’t jump a battery, and she certainly couldn’t do it by herself, with her kid with her.  So… she comes back, in the same vehicle from before, and we’re trying trying trying to figure it out.  She wonders if all three car seats will fit in her car, and BAM, they do!!!  Great, right? Nope.  One of her seat belt buckles is missing.  But… we can feel it, it’s just not pulled up into the seat.  So, after nearly dislocating my shoulder undoing the bolts to TAKE HER SEAT OUT…. we get the seatbelt, strap the kids in, and go to the pumpkin patch, FIVE HOURS AFTER WE WERE SUPPOSED TO. *heavy sigh*

My Zoe-Bug will be two years old in EIGHT days. And we’re having a (tiny, TINY) party.  And…. I have not made a single plan, beyond knowing that she loves “Mee-Mouse” (Minnie Mouse), so I guess I’m rolling with things from there.

My current book project is coming along extremely well. It is NOT “Nothing But Love”, because other characters (namely, Carter and Vivian from A Crazy Little Thing Called Love) were speaking louder. (more on that topic later)  Nothing But Love will still be released in November as promised, with the current project, Didn’t Mean to Love You, coming at the end of this month. Those are the only two projects I will DEFINITELY get out before the end of the year. Everything else, look for it in 2015.

Did any of you watch American Horror Story :Freakshow last night?  Can we come together for a collective HELL NAWL for a moment over that clown? NAWL.  Like…. there aren’t enough NAWLs.  The rest of the show was creepy and interesting, and I would be confident in saying I would watch again if it wasn’t for the freaking clown.  I can’t deal with that.

In NOT creepy TV news, I really, really enjoy black-ish. I’m kinda convinced that a lot of the naysayers either haven’t watched it, or just like nay-saying in general. About everything.

Two more people (read: black people) were shot in St. Louis yesterday.  And those are just the ones receiving attention. I wonder if there’s some national database you can go to see the stats on how many innocent, unarmed people (read:black people) are killed by the cops every day? (answer: no, there isn’t.)

Spotify is so super-awesome.

Not that I mind answering when people ask, but I do not do graphic design work anymore, other than for myself, and the occasional book cover for another author. I get that question often enough to want to make sure I address it. I have a strong passion for writing, and I honestly just prefer it over design.  But if you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know I’ll switch back and forth in a heartbeat, lol.

I’m always looking for good, reliable beta readers. That involves reading my manuscript prior to publication, and giving me detailed feedback on the story, characters, plot, scenes, etc. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, you can use the form on the contact page to get in touch.

I’ve gotta start hitting the treadmill again.  Not just cause I’m fat, but because it gives me time to read, which I otherwise rarely take for myself.  After I finish these next two projects, I’m going to attempt a long break.  We’ll see how THAT works out.

I’m already ready to plan the next vacay. I’m going to talk my way into the kids staying with grandma, so it can be a couple’s trip, no one under 25 allowed.  I wonder what time of year is good for Hawaii? Hmmmmm.

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love has been out less than a month, and already gotten 25 *five* star reviews.  That’s new (and big!) for me.  It really makes me happy the way people have embraced this book, and I’m, as always, SO grateful for the love and support!  I’ll actually be doing a chat with a book club on Facebook next month for the two books, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and Didn’t Mean to Love You.  More details on that later.

And now, the kids are done eating breakfast, so my post must come to an end, so I can go get MORE groceries. I’m gonna try to be good, and gets lots of fruit and veggies for *me* to eat. They already eat well, it’s mommy who has the trash diet.

What’s been going on with you?!

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K. Elizabeth (YUMMommy)

I’m with you on Black-ish. I think some black people have problem with anything that makes us think hard about our struggle. I enjoy the show as well and love the cast!

And I need to ask the Mr to show me how to properly jump a battery because I haven’t a clue either. Glad you all were able to make it to the pumpkin patch though.

I can’t even get started on all this cops on Blacks madness. There does seem to be a spike lately and it makes me think twice when I’m out and about.

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