The Night Before Christmas Eve – A Serendipitous Short

Merry almost-Christmas!

If you’re a fan of my Serendipitous Love series, please enjoy this self-contained short (it is NOT part of a larger story for Roman and Simone, just something fun for the holiday) about the holidays.

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“How are you going to fall asleep on me, now? Come on.”


I grudgingly opened my eyes, blinking as they adjusted to the almost non-existent light in the bedroom. Rolling to my other side, my gaze collided with eyes I knew were warm and brown, but looked blue-black in the darkness, just like his skin.

“Get out of the bed,” he rumbled, chuckling as he sat down. His weight made the mattress dip, made me roll a little more toward him, and I took a deep breath in, inhaling the robust aroma of coffee that lingered in his clothes.

“You actually came,” I murmured, reaching up to stroke his stubbled jaw with the back of my hand. Roman had been working late hours to balance the loss of two employees at Urban Grind – a couple, who’d moved across the country to be closer to their family after an accident. The move had been sudden; no notice, no time to hire replacements yet. It was the holiday season, which meant the most hectic time of the year, and a leaky roof had turned out to be in need of a major repair. 

My husband was busy – I understood that, really. We’d been married almost five years, so I was used to his periodic absence from certain things.  Decorating the tree. Building a gingerbread house with the kids. Shopping and planning for Christmas dinner. I had my own business as well, so it wasn’t like he was sole provider, but his hard work and sacrifice made it possible for us to live a lifestyle we otherwise couldn’t. So I got it.

But… still.

“Why are you acting all surprised?” he said, nudging his jaw against my hand. “You asked me to do this, baby. So here I am.”

I grinned. “Yes you are.”

Pulling myself from under the covers, I sat up on my knees, cupping his face in my hands. He was ready for me when I brought my lips to his, and looped and arm around my waist to pull me into his lap. 

“Look at you,” he teased, caressing my bare thighs. “How are you gonna tell me to be here no later than nine, but you’re in here in the bed with no clothes on?”

I shrugged, giving him a sheepish smile. “I didn’t think you were coming, and the kids are still with my parents. I just… thought I’d sneak in a little nap.”

“Didn’t think I was coming?” Right in front of me, a little of the playfulness left his eyes, and he let out a little sigh. “Damn.”

My shoulders drooped. “I’m sorry, babe. I didn’t mean to—”

“You should be.” He gave me a wry smile, then bit his lip as he brought his hands to my ass, squeezing as he pulled me closer. “I mean, it’s not like I’m the one who stood you up the last two times we tried to do this. Oh, wait…”

“But you were working,” I insisted, inexplicably feeling the need to defend him from himself as I propped my arms over his shoulders. “Making sure UG is taken care of is important.”

“Making sure my family is taken care of is important.”

“And we are.” I brought my hands to his face again, soothingly stroking the overgrown line of his usually immaculate beard with my thumb. Even that was a testament to how busy he’d been. He hadn’t even taken a few hours to himself to hit the barbershop.

I’d figured out a near perfect estimation of his time these days. Seven in the morning to three in the afternoon, he was at the coffee shop. He left there to collect the kids from school and bring them home, helping with homework and getting in some time before I got home at five. At six, he went back to the shop, and was there until closing at eleven during the week. On the weekends? He could easily be there until three. When he got home, he showered off the coffee smell and climbed into bed, only to wake up in the morning and do it all again.

I’d be glad when this season of our lives was over.

“But you’re here now,” I said, pressing my lips to his. “Don’t you dare feel bad for putting in the work to build something that will provide for our kids.”

He chuckled a little, and some of that playful twinkle came back to his eyes. “Monie… you must’ve forgotten that you lit into my ass about not being around two days ago?”

“Stop bringing up the past, damn,” I giggled. “The point is that I’m telling you now… you’re an amazing husband, and amazing father… even if I fuss sometimes. You’d have to mess up a whole lot worse than working too much to change that. Okay?”

He nodded. “Okay.” 

I would have to be blind not to note the fatigue etched into my husband’s eyes, and lining his face. Part of me wanted to say forget it, and just tell him to lay down, and take the opportunity to get some sleep. But I knew him too well for that. If I did that, the fact that he still hadn’t fulfilled something I requested would irk the hell out of him. He’d be forever bothered by not keeping his promise to me, which was frustrating, but at the same time… admirable.

“So are we going?” I asked, already knowing the answer. 

 “Are you going to put on more than a tank top and panties?”

I smirked. “Do you want me to?”

“I mean, you’re wearing my favorite outfit,” he chuckled, running his hands down my thighs. “But as much as I’d love to stay here and look at you in it… or even better, take you out of it… store closes at midnight. We need to go.”

“You’re right.” I pushed his hands away from my thighs and climbed out of the bed, standing between his legs. Tugging down the zipper of his coat, wet with melted snow, I leaned into him, brushing my lips over his. “Store doesn’t close until midnight. That means we have plenty of time.”

Even in the dim light, I could tell his eyes darkened with desire as my words sank in. He eased me backwards so he could stand up, pulling off his coat and tossing it to the floor.

The rest of our clothes followed. His shoes, pants, boxers, and sweater. We made it a team effort, stripping him down to nothing before he sat down on the bed again, pulling me in front of me.

I raised my arms for him to pull the tank top over my head, then sucked in a breath as his thumbs brushed my nipples. He cupped my breasts in his hands, kneading and squeezing and tugging my nipples between his fingers until they sprang into hard pebbles. A gasp left my throat as he closed his mouth over one sensitive peak, sucking it, teasing it with his tongue before moving to the other one.

He knew exactly which buttons to push. Knew that kissing his way down to my stomach would make me so wet, knew that hooking his thumbs into my panties, pulling them down my legs would send a quiver down my spine.

“Come here,” he said, urging me onto the bed with him as he laid back, and I obliged. He kept pulling, tugging, until I was on top of him, with my knees on either side of his head. Roman wrapped his arms around my thighs, pulling me down so he could cover me with his mouth. I whimpered as he massaged my sensitive clit with his tongue, sucking and kissing and licking until I was trembling against his face. 

I tried to move away, attempting to break the sensation, but he held me tight, burying his face between my thighs, slurping and making other little sounds of pleasure like I was the best thing he’d ever tasted. He didn’t let me go until I came with a scream, trembling as he licked me clean afterwards.

I was still in an orgasm-induced haze when he pulled me down to his lap. Our eyes met in shared desire just before our lips met in a sex-flavored kiss. He pushed his tongue between my lips as I sank onto him, exploring my mouth in unhurried licks. I rolled my hips against his, creating a rhythm that he easily matched with strong, upward strokes, making my body clench around him. 

I was lost in the feeling. Lost in the intimacy of just… being with my husband, nowhere really urgent to be, no worry of kids waking up, just… me and him. I rode him with abandon, any concern for rhythm lost, just searching for what felt good as I closed my eyes.

His arm locked around my waist as he rocketed into me, holding me tight against him. My breasts were smashed between us, hard nipples pressed into his chest as another orgasm built deep in the pit of my stomach. 

Roman’s mouth went to my neck, sucking and biting as he stroked. I brought my hands to his shoulders, digging my nails into his skin as my body stretched over and over to accommodate him, as he hit places that always felt new again. 

Suddenly, he flipped me over, plunging hard, deep, fast. The words of praise that left my mouth were far past coherent, but they were definitely loud as I moaned them over, and over, and over. He propped my legs over his shoulders, driving deeper, making me whimper and gasp as he stroked. He leaned into me, pressing my thighs to my breasts as his mouth crashed onto mine, sucking and biting my lip before he swallowed my scream with a kiss as I came.

My orgasm came in rippling waves as he kept moving. Fast, hard strokes that took my breath away, until he finally drove into me with a growl as he released.

Slowly, he let my legs down, and then settled on top of me. He was still inside me, his weight balanced on his arms as he gave me a lazy kiss that made my toes curl. We stayed like that for several longs minutes, tasting each other, basking in the pure, tranquil aftermath of amazing sex.

 After a while, I brought my hands to his face, meeting his eyes as I grinned. “Now we can go.”

– & –


“Okay, so, I put the app on your phone while you were in the shower, and synced up the lists. If we split up, we can cover a lot of ground, and—”


I looked up at Roman, standing in front of me with neon lights casting a glow around him, illuminating the powdery snow as it landed on his arms. “What?” I asked, lifting an eyebrow. “What do you mean, no?”

“I meant… no.” He grabbed my hand, pulling me through the sliding doors, into the bright lights of the building. “We’re not splitting up. You’ve got the list, I’ll push the basket. Let’s do it together.”

“But I don’t want to have you in here all night. I know you’re tired, and—”

“Simone,” he interrupted, pulling me close to him, surrounding me in his warmth. “I’m two seconds away from taking you back to the car.”

I sucked in a breath, tipping my head back to look him in the face. “The car?”

“To the backseat.”


“To stroke some chill into you. Relax, baby. I’m good.”

Smiling, I leaned into his body, wrapping my arms around his waist. “So you’re saying you wouldn’t rather be at home with a drink?”

“I’d rather be at home inside of my wife, but we have other matters to attend to right now. Like… buying all of this shit that’s gonna be forgotten about a week from now.”

I giggled. “True. But, it will make these kids very happy Christmas morning.”

“True,” he said, then bent down, brushing his lips across mine. “So let’s get to it. Together. None of this let’s split up shit.”

“Okay,” I smiled. “Let’s do it.”

So we did.

We perused the whole store, aisle by aisle, checking off gifts that our kids had requested, plus the gifts for the kids who weren’t ours, but we considered family anyway.  Between Viv and Carter, Nixon and Charlie, and Sean and Fallon, we had several little “nieces and nephews”, not to mention the three kids of our own.

“This is cool as hell,” Roman whistled as we approached the back corner of the store, with row after row of kid’s bikes. The one he was referring to was basically a big wheel on steroids – big enough for an adult, done in black and chrome, on display in the middle of the floor. Roman looked around, then grinned at me, with mischief in his eyes. “Come ‘ere.”

My eyes got big as he headed for that bike, and climbed on. “What the hell are you doing?” I whispered, glancing around. 

It was the day before Christmas eve, but the store was remarkably empty – probably because it was so late at night. Midnight, when the store closed, was fast approaching, and we were probably among the only patrons left in the store.

“Simone, come here,” he said again, waving me over. “I know you’re not scared to ride… or at least you weren’t about thirty minutes ago.”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh whatever. I’m not scared, I’m just…”

“Scared. Yeah, I get it.”

I sucked my teeth, and then stomped over to him, leaving our basket tucked out of the way. Honestly, I was a little scared when he leaned back, patting his lap for me to climb on, but I did it anyway.

Roman looped one arm around my waist, and I tucked my legs so they wouldn’t obstruct his pedaling. My nipples got hard as he put his mouth to my ear, and grabbed the handlebar with his free hand. “You ready?”

I grabbed the handlebars myself, and then nodded, squinting a little as he took off. At first, he just made slow circles around the little area, making little comments in my ear that launched me into giggles. Little by little, he started going faster, and before I knew it, he was pedaling out of that area, and down one of the other aisles.

I pressed my lips together, stifling a little scream as he turned the corner, looping us around a display of dolls. The bike was big and the aisles were not – they were just barely wide enough to let us through, which added the tiniest element of danger to what we were doing, and… made it that much more fun.

A lot of time had passed since I’d done something a little crazy, and riding a big wheel from Roman’s lap, in a huge toy store at damn near midnight definitely fit that bill. My cheeks were hot, my heart was racing, and it hit me really suddenly that I was having a blast.

Many nights, we were too exhausted to stay up late talking, let alone spend long hours making love. Tonight was the first night in weeks we’d done more than a quickie, been out of the house with each other. So much of our lives was about our kids, and about work, that it had forever since we just had fun together. Or hell… were just together.

This night, brought about by me snapping at Roman after he’d twice missed our planned day to do the Christmas shopping was inadvertently perfect.

“I love you,” I squealed, as we rounded another corner, so fast that one of the wheels came up off the floor.

“I love you too baby,” he said back, planting a kiss against my neck as we turned back toward the bike area.

We were both laughing like crazy when he came to a stop, and dizzy and wobbly when he climbed off the bike. I pushed myself up on my toes, grateful for his strong hands at my waist to give me a little balance as we kissed.

We explored each other’s mouths with our tongues, licking and teasing and tasting and kissing and savoring the moment. When we finally pulled away, eyes shining as we smiled at each other. My heart was racing, butterflies chasing each other in my belly, reminding me that yeah… my husband could still do that.

Ahem,” we heard from behind us, and we both turned to see a little group of people standing there. A few employees, two of whom seemed amused, and a third, in a polo shirt with the store logo emblazoned across the chest, who looked less than impressed.

Roman tightened his arm around my waist, pulling me against him. “Y’all have perfect timing,” he said. “Who do I talk to about getting that bike gift-wrapped?”


– & –


With a mug of hot cocoa in my hands, and a pile of gift-wrap at our feet, I snuggled closer to Roman on the couch as shrieks of childish laughter filled the room. Leah had just dropped Zahra off, and she was in the middle of the floor, playing with RJ and baby India. 

Later, we would join our friends at Pot Liquor for a big Christmas dinner, but for now, we were just enjoying watching the kids.

“Looks like you did a great job with the gifts, Santa,” I teased, rubbing Roman’s stomach. He chuckled, then wrapped an arm around my shoulders, pulling me into him to kiss my forehead. 

“You did all the work Mrs. Claus. I just showed up at the store.”

“Whatever.” I snuggled closer, with a contented sigh, and a smile.

“It’s not whatever,” he said. “Really. Thank you for being good-natured about it. I would have deserved getting cursed out again if I’d missed it.”

“It wasn’t a big deal.”

“It was a big deal. Because I promised.” I turned my face up toward his, looking him in the eyes as he reached out to stroke my cheek. “You know I almost stayed at work? But then… I remembered a conversation I had with Stacks one morning at breakfast.”

I grinned. “Good old Stacks.”

“Yeah,” Roman nodded. “Before he passed, he sat me down one day, man to man. Told me he saw how hard I was working, told me how much he respected it. But… he also reminded me that it didn’t mean shit if my family didn’t even recognize me anymore when it was all said it done.”

“Babe, it’s not even like that though,” I said in a soothing voice. “Like, yeah, I fuss sometimes, but I know it’s just this time for you. I know where your heart is, Roman. I still remember your little analogy.”

He chuckled, biting his lip as he looked at me. “Yeah. Stingy about you like a kid about cookies. And that extends to these kids too. I just want to be sure you know—”

“I do. I know. And I love you.”

He smiled. “I love you too, Beautiful. Merry Christmas.”

I closed my eyes, burying my face in his neck.

“Merry Christmas to you too.”


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5 years ago

As usual I am never dusappointed but inspired! I love Simone and Roman.

11 months ago

This Was So Cute!

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