The Trouble With… Showing Up Unannounced

Fifteen minutes later, I pulled up at Ty’s building, suddenly nervous about just popping up on him. What if he was pissed? What if he didn’t let me in?

I pushed those thoughts to the side. I was there now, so… may as well see.

It took him a long time to come to the door. Or… maybe just longer than the ten seconds I was used to it taking when he was expecting me. It was starting to rain, and getting heavier by what seemed like ten second intervals. I was under the breezeway that led to his door, but one gust of wind could leave me soaked, which would have pissed me off. A full minute passed, then two, and just when I was about to knock again, the door swung open.




Ty was shirtless.

I’d wondered what he looked like without a one, but it wasn’t the type of thing a girl could just ask. My patience was rewarded, with sinewy arms, ridged abs, and shoulders that made me want to climb him, all covered in that gorgeous dark golden-brown skin.

He was wearing basketball shorts, slung low on his hips, and I had to force my eyes back up to his face, instead of staring at his groin like I wanted. His eyes were low, lip pulled between his teeth as he looked me up and down too.

“Hey,” I said, shifting nervously in my flats, waiting for his gaze to return to my face.

The corners of his lips turned up in a lazy, sexy smile that made me clench my thighs. “Hey. Thought you were studying?” He pushed his hands in the pockets of his shorts, and the waistband dipped lower.

“I… I was, but… I thought I’d come see you instead.”

He stared at me for so long without responding that I dropped my gaze, and took a step back, but he suddenly grabbed me by the arm, gently pulling me inside. I didn’t have a chance to say anything else before my face was in his hands and he was covering my mouth with his, pulling me into a kiss that made my knees weak. His tongue was in my mouth, hot and sweet, hypnotizing as he lowered his hands to my waist, pulling me against him.

This wasn’t the first time we’d kissed in greeting, but never, ever like this. Since that day at his place, we’d not even made out, for fear of ending up in that position again. Ty was always very… cautious with me, sweet kisses, hesitant hands, both of which I knew were because of my declaration of no casual sex.  He was pacing himself, not getting too hot, not taking it too far, but tonight… none of that hesitance existed.

Ty was devouring me with this kiss, and I was enjoying every moment, until he pulled away, leaving me with damp panties and breasts aching to be touched as he planted a last kiss against my forehead.

“I missed you this week,” he murmured, then pulled me into his embrace. I melted against him, molding myself to the contours of his bare chest.

“I missed you too.”

He led me over the couch, and as he pulled me to sit down, I caught a whiff of… something. As usual, he kept a little distance from me, sitting back against the arm, looking at me through heavy-lidded eyes.

“So you decided to shut the books down for the night, huh?” laurentyapartmentA crack of thunder sounded from outside, but I was so enthralled by his eyes that I didn’t even flinch. It wasn’t until he raised an eyebrow and gave me that easy smile again that I realized he was waiting on an answer.

“Y-yeah,” I said, swallowing hard. My lips were still tingling from that kiss earlier, and his apartment felt hot. And just, different. “I got burned out, and over-stressed, and tired, and I just… couldn’t deal anymore.”

He gave a dry chuckle. “Same here.” He reached for the glass of dark, ice-filled liquid on the table in front of us and took a short sip.  Bubbles fizzed in the glass when he sat it back down. “Oh, shit,” he said, rubbing a hand over his face. “I didn’t even ask, you hungry, thirsty, anything?”

“Just water is fine.”

He nodded, then took his time getting up going to the kitchen to get it. I could hear him pulling down a glass, filling it with ice, the normal steps to fix someone a drink, and while he did that, I thought about what I was doing here.

If I were completely honest, it wasn’t about watching TV, or talking, or whatever we usually did. I wanted him to see me in the sheer lace lingerie, and then… without it.

That admission, even just to myself, made me hot.

Really hot.

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Carolyn Jackson
Carolyn Jackson
6 years ago

Good teaser..

6 years ago

More please. 🙂

6 years ago

What did she catch a whiff of, is the question.

Bonita Powers Otey
6 years ago

Love this! More, pretty please.

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