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— The indie-author blogging world, that is! This week, and some of next, I’ll be stopping in at the blogs of some fabulous indie authors to talk about the Serendipitous Love series!

Today, I’m visiting Nia Forrester’s blog to give a brief overview of the inspiration for the series.

Here’s a snippet:

When I started writing A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, the first book in this series, I had no idea it would become my (own) favorite project to date. It didn’t come to me in words at first, more like rich, warm colors and a feeling I wanted to create around it. It was the first time for me that the setting came first, and I was almost — ok, absolutely ­ — jealous that I didn’t live in this fictional neighborhood myself.

serendipitousloveIt’s a place that I dream of, but have never been, and certainly never visited. A thriving community of good neighbors, plenty to see and do, and a rich, vibrant scene of brown people in various shades unexpectedly finding love — that they may or may not have been looking for — as they work, run businesses, and just… thrive.

Because you don’t have to choose one or two out of three when it comes to being brown, being successful, and being in love. It’s not that extraordinary. It’s absolutely normal, and that’s what I love to see played out in front of me, so that’s what I wrote.

Wanna read the rest?!  Swing over to Nia’s and check it out!  While you’re there, make sure you look around, and don’t be shy about buying a book or three that she’s written!

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Carolyn M. Jackson
Carolyn M. Jackson
6 years ago


You already know how I feel about your writing. Ten books and counting.. So let me admit here and now- I love your brilliant mind. The stories you write about are never cookie-cutter, it’s always fresh and real. After each story I feel refreshed and satisfied that you told your story. Every one of the relationships you write about has ups and downs like real life. The way you address these issues and real life is absofreaklinglutely amazing!!

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