Waited too Late

Every year, I convince myself that THIS is the year we’re going to do our Christmas shopping early. Get it over with in September, or something like that.
Guess how much Christmas shopping I’ve done?
That’s right.
I even waited too late to properly shop for Izzy’s birthday, since it seems like every reputable retailer is out of the Lalaloopsy dolls that I specifically wanted for her. Meaning, the browner ones. Not that I have anything against the other dolls, because they’re based on a show, have different personalities, and she just might be attracted to one of those. Still though, I want my brown girl to have some brown dolls. I settled on a Hawaiian one, and a mime and her little sister.
I also ran across this gorgeous faux american girl doll


That reminded me of the one Jenni talked about in her latest post. I decided it was a must have, especially since I will NEVA EVA pay $100+ for a real American Girl.
So Izzy is well taken care of for her birthday, and maybe Christmas too. Might have to split this out some, but I’m horrible at surprises. We’ll probably find something cute for Zoe to put under the tree, but other than that, eh. I’m not really sure about buying gifts for adults this year, mostly because I just don’t feel like figuring out what to get their grown selves. We may just do for the kids in the family and keep it moving.

Before I end this post, I want to show you all the cover for the book I’m working in!


I kinda love it, and I can’t wait to finish the book! Too bad I’m only about 30% done, if that!

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7 years ago

I am so so so bad this year. I have done NO christmas shopping! ( well, we won’t count the shopping I did for myself this weekend…)
Anyhoo! I don’t know what Pookah is getting. He asked for a variety of things, we’ll see.
I LOVE LOVE the cover. I’m slow, but I just finished the first short story of your book and i’m on the second one. LOVE it so far!

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

Loving the new book cover! Did you check eBay or Amazon for the Lalaloopsy dolls? I think she’ll definitely like her faux American Girl doll though. Moo asks for one every time we see it in the toy section. I think I will surprise her and get it for Christmas. I think I have a handful of gifts left to get and I’ll be done.

I like to hit the after Christmas sales. Everything is marked down cheap in preparation for Spring and the New Year.

7 years ago

For the first time we actually shopped online. All of the big things are purchased. I’ll worry about the other stuff after Friday when we get some more money in here!

7 years ago

Love the book cover! I am almost done with the shopping, I just have 4 people left to shop for…actually all the adults. Well, at least the children were taken care of first.

Reginia {PoisedinPrint.com}

Congratulations on your new book. I can’t wait to read it.

Get to shopping Missy….Santa need to deliver those gifts on time.

J.L. Campbell
7 years ago

I’m loving your blog. Also loving that cover. Nice!

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