Writing is Hard, Man

Like… There’s a part of of me deep, deep down that kinda wishes I hadn’t even woken this beast up. Because when I wasn’t writing, I was fine with not writing. Now that I’ve started? I HAVE to.
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE writing. It makes me insanely happy, but damn, y’all.


Writing the first book was (relatively easy). The second was quite a bit harder. This new one (The Trouble With Love) is… man. I want to get it right. I really, really wanna get this right. It’s more “grown up”, with more difficult relationships, less than perfect characters, and that’s tough. It’s really tough to do this without turning my characters into caricatures. I want to do right by them, and do them justice, not just make them fit the plot. I want to become the best I can be, which means writing, and writing, and writing. It means reading, and learning, and erasing 30 pages of a manuscript because they suck. It’s tough.

And it’s lonely.


Everybody wants to feel like someone “gets” them. Like you have “cosmic twin” that’s thinking the same way you’re thinking, wants the same things you want, and in the case of what I’m looking for, has the same drive you have, the same incessant need to talk plot points, the same need to constantly read, and just wants to talk writing. I just wanna talk writing with someone who’s actually interested, lol!

Like I said, it’s lonely.

Then, there’s that nagging little voice telling you “This is crap. Your writing is crap. You, my dear, are a crappy freaking writer. You suck!”
And jeez Louise, it’s so loud when you’re reading something an author you admire wrote. They’re stringing together words so beautifully, so (seemingly) effortlessly that it makes you wonder if you’ll ever possibly be able to evoke the same emotion in your readers. Sure, it’s inspiring, but God forbid you get in front of that computer and no words come out? Man, talk about a blow to your confidence!

I don’t have help or solutions for any of these, unfortunately. I’m just navigating the best I can. But if you can relate to any of this, just know you’re not alone. We’re out here.

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Miss Mocha
7 years ago

95% of this post…Same.

Reginia {PoisedinPrint.com}

The first book wass jump right in with excitement. You don’t know all of the little intricacies that go along with the ride. The more you do, get feedback, understand your growth points, all of those things filter into the process. Though I probably should let it go, I’m having Linden Avenue edited for all the typos and formatting. I want to relaunch soon as well as a new book.

It’s such a hard process but very exciting… AND enough to pay a bill now. LOL

7 years ago

The process can be hard and stressful but I’ve decided not to let it take me over. I write when I feel like it and not because I feel like I have to you know? I think that’s what can make it feel stressful. Feeling like you have to out do yourself. I just want it to be fun for me and when/if it’s not fun for me anymore, I’ll stop.

We are cosmic twins in so many other areas of life bew! Your passion for writing just far exceeds mine but you know I’m always here. Muse me girl!

Nikki G
7 years ago

I agree; however, sometimes I push myself to write at least something and other times, most of the time, I try to write when I fee the flow but no doubt this can be hard.

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy

I just wrote a little bit about my writing struggle on the blog today. Honestly, I’m learning to embrace the stress because there are breakthrough moments that remind me why I’m putting myself through the ringer. I keep remembering that nothing worth having is easy to achieve. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was in preschool and I’ll be dang if I’m going to give up now.

You know my email box, Twitter and Facebook are always open if you want to talk!

Dahlia Savage
7 years ago

I can relate to you, lady! I’m almost shamed to admit that my current project has been years in the making and its because I’ve struggled and still struggle with the growing pains of writing, wanting it to be perfect, insecurities, fear, all of it.

And let me tell you, your writing is not crap. Not even close to smelling like anything remotely shitty. And you could always send me an email or text…we’re all in this together to support, inspire, and encourage each other.

7 years ago

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