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Sample Sunday – Not Holding it Against You

Unedited. Subject to change. No release date yet. The usuals. Enjoy <3   He was in my workroom. Bafflingly, I wasn’t bothered by the sight of him a bundle of steel wool in his – glove less – hands, cleaning the rust and grime from another spoke of the bike I’d been working on when…

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Sample Sunday – Just Stating the Obvious

Sample Sunday. Unedited. No date yet. Enjoy! The hometown hero. “When you gone get back on that bike man?” “How many more of those medals you going to bring back?” “You the pride of the city man. Mr. International.” It was all well-meaning, and of course I knew that but that didn’t make it any…

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Sample Sunday – Stracciatella

Hi. waves. I don’t know when, but when (if) I do, I will most likely very gladly tell you! In the meantime… enjoy! Unedited. Subject to change. Y’all know. “What the hell are you wearing?” Twenty-two days. That was how long it had been since the last time we spoke, and that was how he…

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Available Now – I Think I Might Love You

Available Now! Jaclyn Love is a magnet for trouble – it seems to follow her wherever she goes. Unfortunately for Kadan Davenport, she also seems to be a magnet for him – even after a disastrous first impression that leaves him – literally – black and blue. Jaclyn is busy trying to find some sort…

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Sample Sunday – You

Unedited. Heavily Redacted. Subject to Change. Coming soonish. Enjoy the sample!   I, admittedly, had a little bit of a sweet tooth, so I was a little excited at the prospect of finding gourmet-quality ice cream I could enjoy without my stomach bouncing right to left to do the shoulder lean. It was a pretty…

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