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So I released a book today.

Last night, technically, because it went live in less than an hour whereas it usually takes at least 2-3, sometimes up to 16.


It’s my first time venturing into the romantic suspense category, and I must say that this was a tough road. There are so many details, and layers, and clues to drop, etc, that it made for a very labor intensive project.  I’m happy with the result, but lord have mercy, I am scared.


See, just because I’m happy with it doesn’t mean the reader will be.  Just because I think it’s full of twisty-juicy goodness and romance and suspense doesn’t mean the reader will. And I am terrified.

I built my audience on my real life romance, centered on normal people.  Catch Me If You Can isn’t necessarily over the top, but Marcus and Naomi are certainly not normal people. Several times, I almost gave up on this project and put it to the side, because it was too hard, or my readers wouldn’t like it, or I should stick to the exact genre I started, but something wouldn’t let me.

I love writing, and my passion for it runs very, very deep. I can’t cheat myself, or my readers by staying in a little box just because that’s what feels comfortable. If I’m not pushing myself, trying new things, I’m not growing, and if i’m not growing… well, what’s the point?

In any case, i really do hope you enjoy!  Please do reach out with your feedback, it’s welcomed, encouraged, and ALWAYS appreciated!

cmcoverCatch Me If You Can is the first book in a 3 book series. The series is continuous, so the final resolution doesn’t happen until book three. Book two is coming in late February, and book three in late April… unless I finished sooner. I hope to finish sooner, but book two has some… difficult themes, and I may need a little breather between these projects to keep me balanced.


If you’d like to purchase the book, you can do so here on amazon.

and here on barnes and noble.


Catch Me If You Can

(if you have two minutes, watch the trailer below as well!)

Diligence. Focus. Agility.

For Naomi Prescott, it’s not just a cute little saying. It’s a critical mantra, words to live by if she wants to retain her freedom, and more importantly, her life. Impeccable planning is the only way to ensure she sets off the small flutters that will trigger the big ripple she needs to pull off the score of a lifetime — no matter the stakes.

FBI Agent Marcus Calloway is a straight-shooter… if you overlook his sometimes unconventional, law-skirting, expensive ways of solving a case. A big arrest would do wonders to restore his reputation, and he has one woman in mind: Jolie Voleuse

Unforeseen circumstances force them into a closer proximity than either — especially Naomi — would like to be. Sparks fly, and as surely as fire ignites,eventually their undeniable chemistry combusts into a passion that neither expected as they join forces in the dangerous pursuit of a common bounty.