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Did you know I started a group on facebook? You can visit there to talk about books, find exclusive content, ask questions, have fun, etc etc!


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As a welcome, I posted the first part of a short story I was working on, and I just posted another update today. If you’d like to check it out without joining the group, you can!

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New Release – The Right Kind Of Trouble

RKOTcoverAvailable now on Amazon!

At just twenty years old, Lauren Bailey is organized, responsible, and hyper-driven toward her goal of graduating college so she can provide a good life for her daughter, four year old Harper. Between school, work, and being the best long-distance mom she can be, there’s one thing she definitely doesn’t have time for: Trouble.
Trouble, meaning men.
She’s watched her older sister go through a Lifetime movie’s worth of drama involving the opposite sex, and she’s not interested in that level of distraction.
Until Ty.
Smart, sexy, and successfully navigating the line between responsible and fun, Ty opens Lauren’s mind to a world beyond the strict walls she’s built. But stepping out sometimes means losing control, and straight-laced Lauren may not be ready for that.
Ex-lovers, meddling mothers, and new experiences collide as Lauren takes a journey to figure out if there’s any such thing as the “right” kind of trouble.

Available now on Amazon!