Always Never on Task

Somehow, I’m never working on what I’m “supposed” to be working on, but it always ends up being the right project for the moment. It could be considered flighty, or flaky, or just going wherever the wind takes me, and in essence, when it comes to what I’m writing… I kinda am.

I have interests in writing in many different genres, with the only truly connecting element that the (main) characters have brown skin. That element, in particular, is a stronghold for me, and what you can always expect. And no, I don’t feel limited by it, because why would I? :)

Anyway, I say that to get to the point that I have a (private) schedule of what books I think I’m going to write, and in what order. This schedule is jam packed right now the closing of holes, finishing off knots so I can cut threads and consider my journey with certain characters over and done. What it doesn’t account for, because it can’t account for, is what I feel like writing, nor does it consider characters who haven’t introduced themselves yet. It leaves no room for when my personal life is in chaos, and I just want to write something sweet, or when my personal life is perfectly together, moving like a well-oiled machine, and I want to throw some chaos into the mix. Oh, and the times when I want the two to be in sync. Both fucked up, or both cute and fluffy. Because WHO KNOWS when those times will be? Who knows how it all works? Certainly not ME.

Don’t worry. I’m not about to renege on a another promised sequel or anything like that, I’m just talking.

For reasons.

“Reasons” being that I’m supposed to be writing Save Me If You Can right now, but other characters, new characters, for a story that isn’t particularly romantic, but certainly suspenseful and sexy and crazy, are crowding out my head. So I’m gonna vibe with them for a little while, see where they take me, but not for too long.

Because I do feel like seeing how Taylor and Renata connect, and come to terms with what has occured with Wolfe. I want to explore Naomi’s pregnancy, and see how Marcus deals with it. I’m curious about the potential of Quentin stepping into the role of stepfather. How is Harrison connected to all of this? What does King have planned for Noelle and Wolfe? Ah, the intrigue! And no, I don’t know how it ends, lol. But I WANT to, so it’s coming. Mid-Summer. Late July-August.

But, these other people first. And then more people after that. And who knows after that? I want to do more. I want to connect with you all more, but still write, so, i’ve gotta find the balance there, but I will. In the meantime, if you’re reading this (and if you’re not, i’m putting it into the air, maybe you’ll get it anyway lol) THANK YOU. I can never say that enough. Thank you for rolling with me!

My hardcore romance fans, this next release may not be up your alley. My twisty-crazy-kinda scary-creepy Criminal Minds kinda fans……. the next one will be for you.

The Trouble With Us


Available NOW on Amazon

“Love is bull****.”


That’s how blogger, Bianca Bailey begins the first post of what’s supposed to be a new series on her website, in response to her readers curiosity about her feelings on love. That post never makes it to the public eye, but those three words perfectly sum up Bianca’s outlook, and rule the way she interacts with the men around her — including Rashad.

Rashad isn’t interested in anything serious either, but for a different reason. Rashad loves women, and women love him, but he’s avoiding trouble — the nickname his father uses for the kind of woman that makes you forget all others exist. He’s young, he’s handsome, and his photography career is right at the point of taking off. Settle down for what?

Although their relationship is contentious at first, their mutual attraction isn’t something that can be ignored, or denied. Disdain on one end, and unshakeable curiosity on the other, develop into an unconventional relationship where they get the benefits of companionship without the trouble of love.

One thinks they can keep it casual, the other is looking for an opportunity to take it further. Neither of them expects to “catch feelings”… let alone find themselves considering the “L” word.