Sample Sunday – Yes or No Question

(This will probably be the only sample from this project – it’s supposed to come out on 3/13) As tired as I was, that didn’t stop the immediate racing heart and butterflies combo that Trace’s presence coming down my hall set off. Maybe because we hadn’t spoken all day – none of the usual random […]

Sample Sunday – Let That Hurt Go

This may or may not be the last sample from this project. We’ll see how it goes! Edited for spoiler content, but dassit. Enjoy! “I’m just saying,” he continued. “You don’t get past it overnight. Shit like that… it hangs over you, and it takes more than just wishing it away. You’ve gotta really… like… […]

Sample Sunday – You Seem Bothered

Unedited. No release date yet. But yeah. They’re a lot LOL.   I raised an eyebrow. “No, not pink. Blush. If I walk in here next week and there is pink leather in this car, your ass outta here.” Unruffled by my threat, Jeremy stepped in again, giving me a nod. “Whatever you need, Ms. […]

Sample Sunday – Experience It All

Last Sample before release. Unedited. Subject to change. This title will not be available in Kindle Unlimited. Release day… TBD. Enjoy! “How do you feel?” he leaned into me to ask in my ear. “You having a good time?” I peeked up at him with a smile. “I am. I like the music – like […]

All Sweet, No Bitter

Short. Hella sweet. Very lightly edited. Haven’t met Anika and Royal yet? You can in their Christmas season story, Bittersweet! There’s also a Pinterest Board for the project if you want to see some of my visual inspirations from when I wrote Bittersweet last year. “I thought we talked about this.” Royal looked up from […]

Sample – The Unbroken Rose

“Are you going to tell Alicia that you caught me?” he asked, barely out of breath as I bent over, panting before I keyed in the code that allowed access to my lock, then pulled the key from around my neck. “How else would I pick a fight with her over hiring security without telling […]

Name Dropping…

So, I’ve mentioned before that my upcoming release, Behind The Scenes, has a lot of cameos/mentions from other characters in my catalog. I always get questions about this with every project, so I thought I’d save you the trouble and just make this quick reference for you! Characters Mentioned Nick and Noah – Relationship Goals […]

Make It Easy…

Want to hear me talk about this book, or watch the trailer? Click here! Want to pre-order this title? That’s here! Please note that this title will not be made available in the Kindle Unlimited Library. “What’s wrong?” Pierre asked, pulling back. He was looking at me like he already knew the answer, which was […]

Sample Sunday – Can We Not?

“I would ask if you’re not a morning person, but it’s not morning anymore, so…” “You’re really just not gonna take the fucking hint?” I asked, finally turning over to actually look at her, and… damn. She wasn’t trying to obscure that body of hers at all today, in a matching mustard pencil skirt and […]

Sample Sunday – Professional Clothes

“What if I don’t have any stress?” “Then I would say you’re probably ignoring or neglecting a large amount of the responsibilities that come along with being a productive adult,” I answered, honestly. From the way his expression shifted though, I got the clear impression he didn’t like my answer very much. “I don’t need […]