So, I have a huge backlist.

To make it even more complicated, I do a lot of name-dropping between series, connecting characters and storylines.

I’m asked often: where to start?

The truth is… I dunno!

I don’t finish my series all at once, and I’m always bringing up somebody from a whole other book, etc – not to mention, you probably have your own reading preferences, etc.

So I can’t tell you where you *should* start, but I have a few path suggestions.

Let’s check it out!

(want just a plain list? Click here!)

First, choose a reading mood:

Romantic Comedy

Start With…

The Wright Brothers

Continue With Their Cousins…

the love sisters

(Both of these series take place in fictional Blakewood)

small town

Hallmark, but make it Black

sugar valley


Start With…

Serendipitous Love

(this series introduces Mahogany Heights, before it was named.)

from there, read the second generation of Heights residents…


and then for more…

Heights Stories


Start With…

The trouble series

(this series is early work, that introduces fictional Blackwood – and Blakewood College.)

These also take place in Blackwood

Inevitable Series

And so do these:

Truth & Lies

And these:

Mine Tonight ........... Equivalent Exchange

And these:

Clarke Brothers

early ccj

More of my early work:

Love and Other Things

friends & Lovers

Strictly Professional

darker Contemporary

Start With…

HIgh Stakes

These books are perfect for those looking for a more grown + sexy vibe.

Deuces Wild introduces a group of societal misfits that I follow in…

The Roses

(coming soon)    

stick around Vegas for…

a mutually beneficial arrangement & Behind the scenes

romantic suspense

Craving Twists & Suspense?

If You Can Series

Then you’ll find some familiar faces here:

Five Star Enterprises

paranormal & Fantasy

Fancy something a little more out of this world?

Eternally Tethered

What if Alice in Wonderland was a bad-ass Black woman?


Sports Romance

Love Belvin and I teamed up for a football team!

COnnecticut Kings

And then I wrote this little spinoff series that has nothing to do with football…

sweet heat

And I just didn’t have anywhere else to put this one!

more than a hashtag

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33 Responses

  1. Thank you CCJones, ” The Right Kind of Trouble ” was great. I was first introduced to you reading Love Belvin sequel books you wrote. Those were great, this book was awesome and I’m about to start Bionka and Rashad’s story. Thank you sister I’m hooked. Keep writing .

      1. I’m in the middle of reading “Grow Something” and can’t wait to finish but will be mad when i do because there’s not another book waiting for me. I’m loving “Grow Something” because we’ve all been there where we’re not comfortable in our on skin, home, job etc.
        I also enjoyed “The Culmination of Everything” and didn’t think the ending was bad at all but as you said we’re all in different place and receive it differently. All I can say is keep them coming and Yes, yes and more yes please write some more paranormal books…

  2. I swear you just gained a new fan. I just finished Love Notes which is the first book I’ve ever read by you but I’m definitely going to go through your catalog and get acquainted with the rest of your characters. Loved, loved, loved Love Notes.

  3. I just finished “Love & other things”, was there another book connected to that? The ending says there would be a sequel but I haven’t seen anything!

  4. Please please please write more paranormal books.!!!!!… I love your writing so much and I just loved Haunted.!!!! That is one of many of my favorite books by you…I really wish you guys can write as fast as I read because I die every time I end one of your books and then I have to wait for the next but you are so worth it!

  5. Desiree!!!! I’ve developed interest in Desiree, and I wanted to know if and when will she get her own story. I love how you took Cree and Alicia story and changed my perception of cookie cutter characters. I’d really be interested in finding who will fix her since she’s normally the fixer. I love your work and development of character and conflict.

  6. Your books have been giving me so much life for the past several months. As a bahama mama I was so excited to see a Bahamian character in ‘determining possession’. Absolutely loved Soriyah.

  7. I’m sorry if I’m saying something that might sting just a little. This is coming from a fan who has twelve of your books and can’t write a lick. But I was lost at the end of ” The Culmination of Everything .” Don’t get me wrong I loved the story but the ending was unexpected and my mind is still ready to continue.

    1. This doesn’t sting at all, you’re absolutely entitled to your opinion! I personally adore the closing of Ben and Kyle’s story, but I certainly understand that not everything strikes everyone in the same way. No worries, at all! <3

  8. Help I’m confused. I can’t tell which of your books was your first. Was it “Anonymous ” or Haunted” ? Can a sister get a list so I can read them in order? I have 14 of your books but I want to back track and start over. I have the books I previously mentioned so hit me back please. Looking at your site I can’t tell.

  9. Hi Christina

    I love and read all your books.

    After re-reading Love and Other Things is there a book 2. I love this story and was hoping there was another that told more about the characters. I see Nothing But Love was coming out in 2014. Is it available.

  10. I’m currently trying to read all of ur books and I’m almost there. I’ve read over half of them but u just keep putting out new books and I can’t keep up lol….but seriously keep doing ur thing cause ur books are amazing

  11. Hey sister I was wondering how long it might take for books to arrive when purchased on the 5 of December with the busy shipping going on? I bought the “Love Sister Collection “ Signed Paperback box books. Thank you, you awesome writer you.

  12. I was introduced to you through your Serendipitous Love series and became an immediate fan! Loved the collaboration of the Connecticut Kings series with you and Love Belvin which sent me to read about Tariq & Kora. I will definitely be making my way through the rest of your books. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  13. I have enjoyed reading each of your books and look forward to reading many more.I can’t wait for the next one!

  14. I recently started reading your books and they are amazing, I love them, they keep me wanting more.

  15. I started reading your books January 1st, I’m half way through your collection. Your are an amazing writer. I look forward to reading your new content.

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