Standalone Titles

Haunted: A Paranormal

Love and Other Things



of Spice

A Dash
of Heat

Strictly Professional
Friends & Lovers

Strictly Professional

Unfinished Business

Finding Forever

Chasing Commitment

Serendipitous Love


The Trouble
With Love

The Trouble
With Us

The Right Kind of Trouble

The Wright Bros

Getting Schooled

Pulling Doubles

Bending The Rules

If You Can

Catch Me
If You Can

Release Me
If You Can

Save Me
If You Can

Connecticut Kings

Love in the Red Zone

Love on the Highlight Reel

Determining Possession

Endzone Love - Coming Soon

Truth & Lies

Inevitable Conclusions

Inevitable Seductions

His Side, Her Side, &The Truth

The Lies We Tell About Life & Love


  1. Haunted was a great book I just wish you gave me more. Will there be a part 2? Would love to know how the grandma feel now that Aram found Lida. Also would love a little more detail about Celi and Nasir’s relationship.

  2. Just finish reading all three of the Serendipitous Love Books and was just wondering if there will be a story about Eddie. I would love know if he finally settles down and if so with a man or a woman. Ilove this all three books, yes you took real life situations and put them into a book. Most of the time when things hit us it hits usall at once and seeing how other handle it even in a book is always refreshing if not thought provoking. So thank you for that. Please, please, please don’t leave Eddie’s story untold.

    • Hi Denise! I absolutely do plan to tell Eddie’s story, but if I’m honest… i’m terrified of the response. I *love* my Eddie, and really want him to be able to be true to who he is (a bisexual, not gay, man) but it’s a concept that seems so polarizing that I feel very protective over him. I WILL write his story, just working on it in my head to get it to a place that feels like it does him justice.

  3. A romance element is not necessary – AF characters are. I’ve read all of LA Banks (R.I.H) and loved them, however they left me longing for more.

  4. I’ve read the Catch me if you can series and I just have to know when the 3rd book of that series will be released? I feel like a fiend waiting for the next book lol. It was amazing by the way.

  5. A crazy thing called love was a brilliant read can’t wait to read the next one. I also loved the professional series.

  6. Hello Mrs. Jones, I just finished reading Fall in Love Again. I absolutely loved this book. I have also read the 1st and 2nd books of Serendipitous Love as well, they were great books too. I love your work and will definitely be reading more books by you! Keep up the great work. Also it will be interesting to see how Eddie’s story turns out. He’s too funny!!

  7. When was the last time this page was updated? I’m just saying…you’ve been putting in work. Some of these are no longer standalones but series. Don’t short change yourself. Your work is too good not to all be reflected.

  8. I have read every single one of your books…. LOVE THEM. and you’re writing. I know your super busy but do you think you’ll return to the Haunted follow up? And when can we expect the next book after Ante Up? That was great. Peace & Blessings

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